Men’s Accessories

The world of neckties and fine accessories for men is dominated by matter of men already logically alone. But there are of course exceptions. For over 25 years, is one of the few women in this male domain the Sonja Freundorfer designer and it brought one number in this period with a keen sense of style to Germany’s Krawattière.

Now the name of the designer itself tells you nothing, most likely know the name Sonja Kampy. The designer sold her creations under her maiden name. So the label is Sonja Kampy from Munich for high-quality materials, a sophisticated style and the latest trends. Whether ties, Einstecktücher, belts, scarves or cufflinks, here all men are looking for, which place emphasis on the perfect look and quality. The same applies to the style, because of classic and classy to hin to exceptionally everything.

In the online shop at are within just a few clicks to the perfect tie or just the appropriate accessories for men. The concept is divided into “pure” and “dressed”, so that the slanted customer right from the outset sets whether the search should rather go in the direction of stylish cool or classic, elegant. Each year brings at least six collections on the market, in which in particular the topic of tie again and again interpreted Sonja Kampy.

Customers know that here exactly is entered on their wishes. The substances are produced for the high-quality models all according to his own design in Italy. So you will enjoy beautiful pieces that also combine quality and tradition in itself. If you want, can consult also Sonja Freundorfer in questions of style. One thing is certain here, each man finds the perfect ties and accessories that fit well to him and will give him pleasure especially long!