Meet Lighting Tips For Apartment

Assemble a lighting plan for your apartment can be simpler than you think.

The blog Point Tib prepared some lighting tips for each environment that will help you settle on the choices before you start shopping.


In the case of the living, a soft light, yellow, installed in a central point generates warmth, leaving the resident and invited free to relax.

If you want to emphasize the decoration or furniture, use a small amount of colored or white lamps in strategic points that have an interest in stress.

Do not put in any circumstances, the light directed toward the sofa, so as not to disturb the view of who is sitting, or for electronic devices. In addition to generating reflection of the TV image, for example, heats up the items and may cause damage.

Dining room

As the main focus of the dining room table, the lighting should be yellow and be focused on it to highlight the food.

And not to disturb people, keep the light at least 90 cm away from the table.


Although the harmony between colors is paramount, the terrace is the space that allows for a greater exploration of light effects, and your tone can vary from yellow or white.

The lamp should be sealed to withstand climate change and rain, and the choice of a luminaire for outdoors leaves the terrace more inviting and comfortable.

Children’s bedroom

Anyone with children knows very well that they won’t stop even a second.

So, during the day, they need strong lighting to stimulate the energy and concentration to study when necessary.

Now, when it’s time to sleep, swap with a soft and warm light to produce a calming effect.

A bedside lamp or a lamp cause this sensation, but dimmer is perfect in these cases because it allows the control of lighting, and can be increased or decreased.

Because they are children, you too can dare in coloured lights for decoration and make the room even more fun.

Double bedroom

The suite has as its main focus the preservation of intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, the lighting must be central, hot color and with some fixed points in strategic places, like in front of the wardrobe and on the sides of the bed.

Home office

Currently, the home office won your space in most buildings and, as your main objective is to keep the concentration depends on a fluorescent lighting, white and strong.

Explore the home office with a lamp, lamp or light spots to highlight.


As the kitchen requires greater concern with hygiene, work with a cold lighting (fluorescent, yellow or white), which helps show residues and dirt.


The bathroom follows the same profile and requires intense light, but pay attention to one important tip for men who use the bathroom mirror for shaving, and women made up:

The lighting can never come from above. This creates a lot of shadow and end up messing up the end result. Use dicroicas lamps on the sides and note how makes the difference.

If you like to take advantage of market trends, invest in LED lights in the decoration, both for internal and external environments.

Although they are a little more expensive, they are worth because they are less expensive and have greater durability compared to conventional.

If you want to take advantage of the wave of retro, bet on the dimmer to create interesting light effects.

Be careful with some details, as no direct light to the smooth walls, because it highlights their imperfections. Let to emphasise them when they have some sort of texture wallpaper.

During composition, prioritize the coziness, the usefulness and, finally, the aesthetics. Just so you will be sure that is producing a balanced and harmonious decor.