Maybelline Jade Lash Sensational Mascara

About the new Maybelline Jade Lash Sensational Mascara has been a lot on blogs lately. Also I got the mascara sent for testing. Better equals two copies and what offers more than a “1 product, 2 opinions” post with my co-blogger Chrissy?

Mascaras are always a very individual matter, after all there are many different requirements and the starting material could not be more different. On the other hand, Mascara is the beauty essential par excellence and before a mascara purchase I always read first reviews. How Chrissy and me liked the Lash Sensational Mascara, you can now read in this post. Whether we are as enthusiastic as the rest of the blogger world?

Facts & Figures:

Maybelline Jade Lash Sensational Mascara
Contents / Price: 9,5ml for approx. 10 €
Rubber Brush “Eyelash Remover Brush” for a “sensational eyelash fan”
Available on WHITEHALLMAKEUP from January 2015 onwards

Diana’s Opinion

I like the curved rubber bristle very well and it takes just the right amount of mascara, so you do not have to rub off at the bottle neck. It is not too big or too small, but just right, and I had no problems with the application. Only the one with the eyelash-removal brush I had not seen at the beginning and the mascara only with the short bristles applied. One should first brush the eyelashes with the short bristles and then fan the eyelashes with the long bristles.

In the photos, I have used these two steps for “1 layer”: First use the short bristles and then use the long bristles to fan out. My eyelashes are separated well. For the second layer mascara, I repeated these two cuts. Here the eyelashes stick together somewhat, but it is perfectly in the frame and is at normal distance as well as not visible. The texture is deep black and shiny and my eyelashes maintain both length and volume.

My Conclusion:

I like the result very well. My very bright eyelashes get a great, expressive effect and I have nothing to complain about. Also with the durability I am satisfied and it is without smearing a whole day through. The price is about 10 euros for a drugstore mascara although quite high, but I could imagine it to buy.

Chrissy’s Opinion

And I was able to swing the ink at the same time and must say, the Mascara is a real purchase recommendation! At first I was somewhat skeptical, also because of the price but in the end I would really access. Now I really do not have the problem mimps, after all, something and therefore, for me most importantly, the eyelashes are shaped, the shape hold, do not glue and the application goes without smearing. Everything is met by the Lash Sensational and I am therefore satisfied. As an opponent of the rubber bridle, I am unfortunately forced to rethink my opinion. For the application I can not roll the brush as usual and then zigzag through the eyelashes lead, but the eyelashes with the curving brush but can be separated faster and optically lengthen, which lies at the rubber brush.

I did not take the evidence until the evening, and as you can see, the eyelashes are not only long, but have also kept a good dose of flip, which unfortunately can often be flown over a couple of hours.

My Conclusion:

The blogger world does not scream “juhu” at the Lash Sensational Mascara of Maybelline. I used to like Maybelline and I’ve never been disappointed. Whether you would just like the 10 euros, that mus everyone to say for themselves, I could imagine it anyway real!

We hope you enjoyed our “1 product, 2 opinions” contribution? Do you want to read more of these articles from us in the future? Have you already tried the Lash Sensational Mascara and how do you like the mascara?