Maternity Clothing, What To Wear And What Not

During the first three months  of gestation, most pregnant women can continue to wear their usual clothing, especially if it is the first pregnancy.

However, as of the second quarter , the zippers that once closed, no longer want to do so and the buttons of the pants resist.

It is then necessary to acquire clothing suitable for pregnancy because it is specially designed for the comfort and well-being of the pregnant woman.

The Clothes That You Can Use In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a stage in the life of the very special woman, many physical changes occurand, as the weeks of gestation progress, the feeling of discomfort and oppression will increase. To alleviate this to some extent, we advise you to follow these tips on dressing in pregnancy:

– It is preferable to use ample and comfortable clothes, which do not oppress.

– There are a wide range of categories on dedicated to clothes for pregnant women , who sell trousers and skirts with a special waistband to hold well holding the belly and that adapt as the gut grows.

– The indoor clothing should be cotton or natural fibers. You’ll have to buy new brasthat fit your new volume. If you are buying a new one, remember to buy those that do not have hoops.

– If you wear socks or panty, choose those that are of elastic fabrics self-adjusting and that favor the venous return.

– As your abdomen grows , you will feel more comfortable with special pregnancy panties. They are those that have a reinforcement in the lower abdomen to carry well holds the belly.

– The most suitable footwear is one that does not have excessive heels, only a couple of centimeters are necessary to not go totally flat.

Clothing Not Suitable For Use In Pregnancy

– Avoid using rigid tissues that can cause skin irritations

– If you wear socks, use those that do not compress too much to allow good circulation of blood. Especially because in this period because it is easy to occur swelling in ankles.

– Avoid high heels, not only will you find it difficult to carry them since your center of gravity is displaced, but they are not good for circulation and can cause the appearance of varicose veins.

– During the hot months, avoid dark colors, as they absorb more heat from the sun and cause more sweating.