Marcello C Watches Reviews

With watches, it’s like with clothes: what leads us to purchase is either the pure pleasure-or, much more rarely, a rational argument. We have real needs rarely to never. At the k , it is the pure joy of the functional minimalism. This watch is a watch-and that’s the beauty of the model designed by Marcello C holder Marcell Kainz. A portrait of the brand can be found here. In the Watchthusiast test, the watch displays also their inner values!

Initially the bare facts of the Watch: Cabinet is made of stainless steel, the dial is black and glossy, the pointers are chrome. According to insidewatch, the curved glass contributes a lot to the character of the watch and is neither from mineral, Sapphire, yet. Marcell Kainz opted for shatter-proof Plexiglas. During mineral glass quickly scratched, Sapphire can definitely chip, Plexiglas is impact-resistant and can be cleaned using a special Polish at all times from scratches.

A high quality and tender lamb leather strap securely round-the-clock on the arm. As a buckle a buckle made of stainless steel is used.

The clock elegantly conceals the drive for the pointer-generally, the dial is silent about the inner values. Except for the lettering of “K” and a subtle reference to the home-made in Germany-the clock reveals nothing. The steel floor without the otherwise mandatory glazed peephole is also silent. The watch Tester is all the more surprised when he far from the standard finds an ETA 2824-2 behind this ground. Numerous manufacturers, the basic version would probably have in a closed ground used. Not so with the k-it’s almost a shame, this beautifully prepared to imprison work invisibly. Especially since it was fitted with a metal plant retaining ring, the both is screwed to the plant as in the body safely through clamps.

Bridges and cock of the ETA plant are decorated with cuts, the rotor wears Geneva stripes and an engraving of the name of the manufacturer. Extremely high-quality, and very accurate. On the time scale running the movement with a slight operation between four and six seconds. On the arm, the accuracy is equally precise, here the layers are balanced on a daily Tour plus three seconds. An excellent result – here seems to assume once again before the time clock to the customers is a watchmaker of the works.

Generally the clock holding back more.39 mm – some people will call, why the clock is less than the industry-standard Ü40 mm: the answer is simple. Because the clock with 39 millimetres and a height of 12 mm, excellent, present impact, and very good to read is. But only at light – luminous markers is not finding even the dial pointers.

Considered one hour longer, the remarkable harmony between the high-gloss dial and domed glass is striking. If you like Bauhaus watches, should look at the design of the k. Who feels the clock as to sober with black band: the standard lug width 20 mm makes possible the Exchange on other bands at any time, also on a Cognac-Brown alligator strap, this watch makes an excellent figure.

Not to mention the immaculately polished case with screw base. Its seal is inserted in a Groove in the housing-clean a sign of careful housing production. As a small detail, the date is between four and five o’clock, with a round window, white numerals on a black background, and straight position. Also here was so invested in making a suitable date disc.

That would be a sales pitch, I would have long asked: and what will cost the timer? The answer is terse and three digits. 548 euros.

How please? No more? In fact-of course the missing glass floor and the not installed Sapphire also included noticeable. However, an ETA movement in Elaboré, best speed values, a high-quality housing and a sleek design at this price the KAINZ make lonely. Because barely any other manufacturer offers such a watch at this price. Lonely the k but not long must be: on the arm she is best, whether you need a more watch or not. It is just a pleasure buying again and again.