Many People Complained, But Instagram’s Plans to Change the Feed Have Not Changed

If you access the Instagram regularly you may have noticed in the last few days a wave of users begging for followers qualify notifications of posts. Size bustle originates in a given news two weeks ago: the Instagram will abandon the chronological order of publications to display photos and videos by relevance. But this change is cause for such panic?

It is direct and straight: no, at least for now. When made the announcement, Instagram revealed that the amendment is still in the testing phase. Only a small group of users is having access to the new way of viewing. The update has no time to get to other accounts. The company said only that the change will be implemented in all profiles in the coming months, a gradual way.

However, rumors that have emerged in recent days indicate that the change would take place on Tuesday (29). There were so many complaints – as well as persistent reports of activation requests – that Instagram released a clarification on Twitter to calm things down:

In free translation: ” we are hearing [complaints] and we assure you that nothing will be changed in the feed at the moment. We promise to inform them when changes are released to all . ”

Some vehicles got the message as a “ok, we hear you and, for now, let’s give up the idea.” But the message is clear: the new display standard will come to everyone at some point, just do not know when.

Still, keep calm. In the announcement two weeks ago, Instagram explained that the change the feed plan is actually an attempt to optimization: the social network has grown so much that is increasingly difficult to track publications. The company estimates that, currently, users fail to see, on average, 70% of the feed content due to the large number of posts.

To prevent this from happening, Instagram is working on a able to assimilate the preferences of each user algorithm to first display the publications that probably interest you. If you enjoy or comments with particular person photos often, for example, the algorithm will understand that this account is relevant and will display its posts more often.

But there is the fear – legitimate, say by the way – that change make Instagram behave like Facebook, or view not only posts outside the publishing order, but also fails to show content to certain users. However, the company swears feet together the threads appear less priority – after those considered most relevant to the user, but will appear.

This proposal is not risk-free, it’s true. Perhaps the behavior of most users end up being the only view posts that appear first. This can be a problem both for those who make only occasional posts and for those who have thousands of users and publish the photos or videos per day. But you can not draw conclusions without testing the algorithm.

In any case, Facebook has an option that makes the content appear in chronological order, so there are good chances that the update Instagram bring a similar feature.

There are many possibilities. You could tell, right? So should not worry in advance. It may be that, in the end, press the panic button now serve only for this: generate panic.

Videos up to 60 Seconds

Instagram has not implemented the new feed Tuesday, but did not leave the day without news: the company has just announced that you can post videos up to 60 seconds in service. Until then, just shoot up to 15 seconds could be posted. The longer time limit was only available for certain advertisers.

According to the official statement, the novelty begins to be released today, but it will take a few months to cover all the bills.