Male Nail Art Designs

On the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, the brand thenailmythology has paraded his models with a flashy red nail polish on hands and feet.

Countermand girls: the nail polish for nails is no longer a habit only female. And the last oddity when it comes to nail art comes straight from the catwalk. On the occasion of the men’s fashion week, the brand MSGM has paraded in Milan its models with a flashy red nail polish on hands and feet. Sparkling thongs and nails lacquered ruby. But all this convince you? I personally do not.

The choice of this particular nail art was defined inter-sex MSGM by the same label that brought on the runway not only unisex enamels, but also equally suitable accessories for him and her, masculine and feminine details simultaneously.

A ‘alternation between men and women that has affected different brands, whereas in Milan were presented feminine look mixed with those men. Not only MSGM, therefore, but also fashion houses like Gucci by Michele Alexander and Prada have played on this overlap. Leaders such as pants-skirt shorts or handbags-bag have been used by both him and her, as well as the highly eccentric red enamel. A flexibility of uses and customs, therefore, reflects the society in which we live, with soft lifestyles and everyday contamination.
But the men’s choice of polishing your nails is not a novelty or a provocation born in recent days with MSGM. Previously the internationally renowned designer Karin Rashid had launched a line of enamels men dedicated to the city of New York.

And actors, singers and even famous sports had succumbed to the temptation to resort to this quirk. But this type of men metrosexual convince you? Not me. I personally think, in fact, that the make-up should remain a (beautiful) female prerogative.
But in recent decades the use of enamel has also been a hallmark of people dark. As early as the 80s and 90s, in fact, the male variant has been cleared through rockstar more or less recent, such as  Lou Reed , Steven Tyler, Marilyn Manson, Pete Doherty and even the Tokio Hotel. But the real coup de grace was given by  David Beckham  when he presented enamelled baptism of the son of Liz Hurley. Remember? He and his wife Victoria at the ceremony had worn the same shade of pink nail lacquer on the nails.

And the (long) list of fans of nail art men does not stop here: Seal, Zac Efron, Johnny Depp, Christian, Jared Leto, Lenny Kravitz, Quentin Tarantino, Max Gazzè and Antonio Banderas are other precursors of this trend.

In this regard, he commented Alessandro Viale, product manager of the company  Faby Line   Italian distributor of products for nails for prestigious international brands:

We must assume that man, as a woman, is interested in his looks and his look in detail. The enamel culture has evolved over the years and, today, we can say it has become a fashion accessory. The combinations you can create with everything: jacket, tie, or perhaps simply following the daily mood.

And then the “new man” in 2016 will bring colored enamels coordinated clothing? I hope not. But eventually we expect only this excess? Keep ready: according to what is proposed at the Milan Fashion Week , next year there will be the great return of men’s pants with pleats and fur unisex, as well as mesh over size and relaxed pants indiscriminately used both by him, that from her. And the color trend will be the red, declined in each variant.

And now you’re curious … What do you think of this (new) trend of nail art masculine?