Makeup Tips for Who Uses Glasses

For those who wear glasses it is not always easy to create a harmony between them and makeup.

Contrary to what you may think, make-up does not have to be exaggerated to stand out from the glasses. The trick is to be able to highlight the eyes without exaggerating and weighing in the make-up.

Follow our tips and succeed with your glasses!

Before beginning make-up it is essential to take into consideration the type of frame of your glasses.

If it is thicker and/or colored use a lighter make, if they are simpler and thinner you can dare more in the make-up.

Another basic rule for those who wear glasses is to be careful in the amount of base, the skin should be perfect and not heavy.

Note the eyebrows, the glasses make them appear, so they should always be well designed. Use illuminator below these, so it will give the sensation of bigger eyes. If you have an eyebrow fault, use an eyebrow pencil to correct it. Avoid using black pencil, not to give a very artificial air.

Use a primer to fix the makeup better.

Choose only one area of ​​the face to highlight, carry more in the lipstick than in the shadows.

Do not use a mask that lengthens the eyelashes, so they will hit the lens and eventually ruin them. Choose those that give volume.

Abuse of the outlined, for those who wear glasses these are fundamental.

Use a beige pencil near the root of the eyelashes and in the water line because the lenses thin the eyes, and this will cause them to increase.