Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Some makeup tricks are for all women, without exception. A well cared for skin and eyes highlighted with eyeliner and mascara, for example, the value of all kinds of faces. But, to leave the makeup even more special, the best alternative is to explore the peculiarities of each woman. To do this, simply choosing the right shade, and the technique that will be used to highlight your eyes.

The secret of perfect makeup is know your strong points, and highlight one of the best ways to do this is by combining the colors of makeup with your eyes. Brown eyes combine with certain colors of shadows, bright eyes gets a special touch with specific shades that help enhance the blue or green.

To enhance the light eyes, for example, you need to know a few tricks of combining colors. But to define the colors that will be used in makeup, you need to take into account a number of factors, such as the occasion for which you are setting up, environment, time, your skin tone, the effect that you want to spend , etc. Depending on your objective, some colors and combinations can leave your makeup.

To help you do a makeup that featured their blue or green eyes, I selected some makeup tips for blue eyes that will inspire you. Check out!

Makeup for eyes clear

Before you start to highlight your eyes with makeup, to conquer a beautiful effect, it is essential to prepare the skin before. Therefore, it is necessary to pass a concealer to remove stains, wrinkles and pimples, base to leave the skin uniform, and a powder compact to remove excess skin brightness.

The skin is made you can start doing the other steps of the makeup. For those who prefer a more classic makeup, black pencil combined with dark shadows, like the ashes, dark brown and black, is a great option to highlight your eyes clear. To give a nice effect in the eye, you must mark the concave with one of those shadows and give a slight blur. Then make a thin with black pencil outlined at the top of the eyelids, and a mark with pencil on the watermark of the eyes.

If you prefer to use colored shadows a good hint of makeup for blue eyes, is to use a shadow palette with shades of violet, wine or rose. These colours enhance green eyes and blue because they are warm colors. These tones of shadows should be applied in the same way as dark shadows.

For the day to day, a good suggestion of makeup for blue eyes is to bet on colored pencils like blue, green, violet or pink. To conquer a beautiful and modern effect, do a trace fino with eyeliner on top of the eyelashes and the waterline. That way, you can highlight the bright eyes and still win a cheerful and modern. To finalize the makeup for blue eyes, always use a mascara black, because she let her eyes even more sparkling.