Makeup, Hairstyles and Fashion of the 60s

The sixties were the Decade probably turbulent social, political and cultural 20th century.

in 1961, in Berlin, the wall built and therefore the Division of Germany finally sealed. The confrontation between East and West had escalated in the Vietnam war, which was a catalyst for global student unrest. Young people discovered in the 50s as consumers had become rebellious twenty-some things off.

The student and youth movements require education and moral and sexual self-determination.

You expose the hypocrisy of society and doubted the authority of their parents, the Church and the State. The youth not only leans, but also designs a counterculture that is ubiquitous. Hippies or “Flower children” positioning themselves for pacifism, tolerance, and a free society.

Musical follow the twist, beat and pop rock ‘ n’ roll. In the swinging sixties, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones are to superstars. With the mini skirt, the youth fashion finally gains the upper hand and the youth himself is a fashion model.

60s Beauty and Makeup

The new teen hand and at the same time androgynous beauty ideal of the 60s embodies Leslie Horn by alias Twiggy perfectly. Their boyish slimming with the long legs brings the mini perfectly to advantage and the boyish short haircut underlined the oversized stressed eyes. The look and the Twiggy eyes makeup I have to makeup step by step for you at Greta. Has become cool, I’m proud

Very striking is the makeup of the 60s and in particular the eye makeup extremely. Crease contrasted with white light blue or silver eye shadow, black stressed. Up and down, multiple layers of mascara and false eyelashes the day include eyeliner makeup. Also false eyebrows and pasted or painted petals are considered suitable for everyday use.

The German model Veruschka, born Vera Gottlieb Grafin Lehndorff, most driving the makeup art, was so legendary film immortalized in the Antonioni’s blow up (1967). Their transformations by Tarn to the elaborate body painting with gold powder makeup and paraffin made internationally successful. 60’s makeup painting we’ve tried Mary, instead of Betty Grable this time so flower power hippie girl!

The mouth, however, only slightly accented with gloss and nude colors.

60s Hairstyles

1962 Jaqueline Kennedy, the wife of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, 1960 elected US took 16 Wigs on a trip around the world. Almost every woman had at least a wig in the 60s. Jackie Kennedy was that popularized a voluminous hairstyle, backcomb by strong was formed.

Jackie’s hairstyle have we at Antje after styled, which became a grandiose Jackie double.

Under the influence of space exploration and of the op-art in art, a futuristic geometric current developed also in vogue. in 1963, Vidal Sassoon changed the hair fashion in this sense revolutionary. From the mushroom head of the Beatles, he developed the five-point geometric cut, a smooth bobbed with Pony sufficiently up over his eyes and diagonally cut Temple hair. By the middle of the upper head hair run pointed to 5 points, making it look like a helmet.

A romantic look is created as a backlash to the futurism and the new objectivity. The followers of the Hippie movement wear their hair long and open as a sign of freedom and independence.

Wild open hair was also the hallmark of Brigitte Bardot, who stood in the 60s at the peak of her career. Brigitte’s strongly typical lion’s mane toupierte a la 60s have we to styled me step by step. Brigitte was also for the lush attached Choucroute (sauerkraut-) known hairdo hairdresser Jean Berroyer by Dessange has specially created for them. The beautiful actress was an absolute hair model in the sixties.

60s Fashion

The miniskirt is the invention of fashion of the 60s. Mary created him Quant, fashion designer, and London Boutique owner, 1965. First, he ended 10 cm above the knee until he became the Super Mini over the course of the Decade. The combination of the mini skirt with tights and flat boots was the idea of the fashion designer of Andre Courreges who Haute Couture mixed this with street fashion. Only by Courreges three short skirt, tights and flat shoes women were finally freedom of movement and fashion was comfortable.

As an ideal supplement to the mini panty hose was triumphant and ousted bodice, stockings and garter belt within by only a decade fully.

A style icon of the 60’s and new Idol of Haute Couture was Jackie Kennedy, who brought glamour to the White House. With unconventional Princess and sheath dresses were baptised by the press “her elegance” conservative fashion a youthful touch. Jackie’s preferred shade of pink was popular all over the world. Even after the assassination of J.F. Kennedy, she was leading the fashion. in 1968 she wore a leg short mini skirt for the first time publicly.

With the wave of hippie is also a penchant for romantic clothes, which continues well into the 70s. Leather accessories of the Indians, scarves from India, lambskin jackets off the clothes of the flower children were Afghanistan and skirts and tops with batik pattern. Even jeans and T-Shirt as a unisex fashion evolved in the 60s.

And the most important accessory of the 60s was the glasses. Renowned fashion designer designed sunglasses for the first time. Plastic glasses, jewelry and clothes fit perfectly to the aerospace euphoria of the 60s. Hats were, however, passe, if head covering, then a CAP that gives the wearer some boyish naughty.

The motto of the 60s is “all you need is love”!