Makeup Forever Red Lipstick

The red lipstick: the cosmetic that should never be lacking in the cosmetic bag of a woman!

Red Lipstick for Makeup

There is no woman can resist the charm of red lipstick always been a symbol of seduction and pure femininity also loved by the great film icons and all we put it at least once to feel sexier and make our makeup more intriguing.

How to choose red lipstick?

This is the question that a po’tutte pose in front of the different shades of red that are perfumeries: what color will look good to me? What to avoid? Of course, as always in the world of makeup, everything depends on the complexion and the natural color of your lips and hair color.

If you have dark hair, almost black and pale skin, no matter the color of the eyes, this is the perfect mix for bringing the red blood red lipstick in shades like burgundy or want the latest trend in general skin contrast is always choosing the perfect cool shades.

However if you have light brown hair, reddish and blue eyes here is that the choice is the opposite: the ideal is to focus on warm colors which is a nice red coral, crimson, a red metallic effect and shine.

You are blackberries, olive skin but with clear eyes? The watchword here is to dare! For this type of mix it is preferable to use colors shocking as the cherry red with matte finish or a red lipstick which tends slightly pink and fuchsia.

For blondes fair-skinned red preferable is tending to orange, peach or rather the colortangerine a middle ground between the liveliness of the red and warmth of yellow, a must have that blondes absolutely must have!

Dark red

The dark red lipstick is the most chosen by women when they want to make a sophisticated but definitely impressive. E’l’ideale when you want to turn all the attention on the lips, which is why the red vermilion, wine shades, pomegranate or those tending to plum purple are the colors most in vogue for those who want to have a dark mouth and sexy. In this case do not forget to not overdo it with the rest of the make-up to avoid an effect too much.

Dull red

This texture of red is perfect to liven up a very simple makeup, matte finish gives the lips a velvety and therefore does not shine. If you are looking for a red long-lasting and have a flawless makeup with cosmetic bags for several hours, this is the red for you. Do not forget to apply a specific balm before lipstick red as this tends to dry out the lips.

Fire red or  coral red

These two opposing nuances between them have one goal: to catalyze all eyes on your mouth! The red fire is the exaggeration, the passion and makes us feel instantly a diva of the past especially if combined with one of the same color nail polish, while the coral is perfect in summer when the sun our skin starts to shine and even the lips are willing to shine.

What about thin and fleshy lips?

Red lipstick can really give a hand to women with thin lips, in fact a shiny gloss or a not very opaque lipstick can bring up your lips fuller and therefore minimize this small “defect.” All without forgetting to outline the lips with a red pencil, well delineate the cupid’s bow is the game will be done! While for the full lips is the opposite, avoid lipsticks or too glossy shine that would increase the volume too high.

Red lipstick “And ‘the only thing useful to those who do not make-up the rest of the face”, as the legendary Coco Chanel said.