Makeup by Ivete Sangalo – How to, Step by Step, Photos

Photos and how you can do step by step a makeup of Ivete Sangalo

The most famous singer in Brazil is very successful with her makeup and her body, Ivete Sangalo makeup is very elegant and chic because many women or even their fans do their makeup of Ivete Sangalo to make them look more elegant and beautiful, here you will learn the step by step how to do the makeup of Ivete Sangalo, being one of the most requested by all women because besides being very beautiful she is very delicate and chic women love makeup so, the makeup of Ivete Sangalo is one of the most appreciated by all ages.

Look photos of the makeup of Ivete Sangalo and stay inside how to do step by step so you start now to do your makeup of Ivete Sangalo and look even more beautiful.

Makeup by Ivete Sangalo, you need to start applying beige pencil across the eyebrow, then I fumble with my finger, then   tape connecting the end of the eye   with the beginning of the cutlet, done with a   black contour pencil the root of the upper lashes, the outer edge or frame and the or concave edge to the middle of the eye, outline the black with a chocolate brown opaque shadow. Esfumo the brown one with cuddly brush, with the same brush I fade an opaque orange shade in the concave, only of the inner corner until the middle of the eye. Then I fumble in the outer corner an opaque black shadow   In the sequence applied on the movable eyelid I apply an opaque sand shadow, close to his skin tone, In the center of the eyelid I apply some of the orange shade,   Now I draw the whole eye with   black pencil, including the region close to the lower lashes. In the sequence light lightness with a sharp brush or with the sponge or rubber that comes in some pencils. To give a special effect on the   outlined I apply a white / crystalline gloss on top. As the pencil sticks easy the pigment, but if you prefer to apply a little fixative before, to finish use false eyelashes for the eyes become very striking and you will be with the makeup of Ivete Sangalo ready and beautiful.