Makeup by Day, Mistakes to Avoid

How to get a good trick from day? And, what are the mistakes to avoid to do disaster with your make-up? Here’s a quick guide.

The trick, of course, is a miracle which, hardly, we women (and others) we could do without.

Last generation cosmetics, however, allow you to have more and more personalized and surprising results, both on make-up by day, and by night.

Still, the errors (and horrors) of makeup are always lying in wait to ruin the final result which we aspire.

But what we must be careful when we make, and to address our day in the Sun?

  1. First of all, it is essential to prepare the skin so that there are no makeup residue from the previous day. Pay attention also to the mustache always a bit difficult to cover with makeup.
  2. We start from the cosmetic concealer: this is very hard to guess.How do you find what suits our complexion? The Board and do some testing in perfumery or with the samples in the House. It is your best bet!
  3. Foundation, another sore point: choose and apply the one closest to the color of the neck. Otherwise the tremendous effect face and neck by two different colors!
  4. Cosmetic powder blush should be applied with caution and delicate: the best with the brush. Put yourself under a good light and lay it around slowly. If there is a cosmetic that hates haste, you blush.
  5. Blush & bronzing: the problem of these cosmetics is that you have to put them on the beautiful well treated and wearing makeup in the previous steps. If your skin is oily, in fact, blush and Earth are deposited in patches. If the skin is dry or mixed the Orange stain on cheeks and cheekbones wouldn’t detract from anyone! Use brushes and sponges ( You can dab the excess product on the skin.
  6. Finally, gloss, mascara and false eyelashes: no no and no excesses during the day; There is in the evening to “exceed” with a make-up busier.