Make Sport Your Profession: Spot BTWIN 520

Where I Come From:

Me llamo Josep Peris (Peris para tod@s), I am 35 years old and started in Decathlon makes 5 as a workshop technician at the shop of Xàtiva, where I learned a lot about BTWIN and the entire team that was behind each bike, parts, equipment and accessories, which led me to be increasingly adept brand that leads biking in Decathlon.

One year I went as head of section to the store of Campanar (Valencia) which gave me the opportunity of belonging to the great team of collaborators BTWIN technicians, a great experience that I have known great people and great sporting challenges.

After 4 Years Of Biking With B’twin…

I felt that this was not here… Not more than 2 months ago I was sitting on the sofa in my house and they called me to ask me If I’d like to be in the recording of the TV of the BTWIN 520 spot to then launch the model in 2017; without hesitation, you can imagine my answer…

To adventure!

This new story begins in meeting, a small island in the French overseas, the paradise of sports.

As well, I get to Reunion Island after 10 hours of flight where I am part of the team; Moly selling Decathlon Belgium and former professional cyclist of the Lotto, Yann Carré, of the Department of communication of B ‘TWIN and Quentin Le Claire’, who is part of the visual image of B team TWIN. In those moments I think…I will live a great experience within my work and once more will learn of a great team of people new things!


The recordings for the spot start the 3 a.m. during the 6 days that we will be on the island, but “scabies warmly not pica”. We move all the equipment together with the production company to the area high Island, in the same volcanoes we recorded and we took photos for communication, it is something that I cannot express with words, too much experience for such a short time.

That one contributor any can be part of a great brand of cycling is, from my point of view, wonderful. We have not had the need of having external people, and our best spot is to promote the accessibility of the MTB to all persons.

Day after day I still thinking that this may not happen on a job, but if, in Decathlon what you want to happen. It is company is like a blank book… Prepare pencil and write how you want to finish or begin your story with us

Decathlon, the company of my life.