Luxury Watch for World Travelers: Louis Vuitton Escale World Time

The Escale World time from Louis Vuitton, is one of the watches novelties presented this year on the Base word.

The Escale World time from Louis Vuitton impressed as Basel word novelty 2014 with exceptional such as contemporary modern design. Louis Vuitton’s doing it very colorful. The hand-painted dial in multi color is particularly noticeable with this travel clock. To read the time, moreover no conventional pointers are required when the watch for the man world with courage to the color.

The Louis Vuitton brand name looks like an invitation to travel with elegance and style. An exceptional world clock with a contemporary twist for the men as the Escale World time, which lets the wearer a fashion-conscious stand there always fits perfect in the program.

Louis Vuitton Escale World Time from ‘La Made you Temps’

The visually sleek watch features a case made of polished, 18karätigem white gold with a satin finish of 41 diameter and 9.75 mm height. Inside you is the in-house, automatic caliber LV 106 with 38 hours power reserve, built by the Geneva watchmaker of La Made temps. 2011, the French luxury conglomerate bought Swiss watchmaker operation, whose name ‘ La Made you Temps’ now in addition to the Central ‘LV’-Signet may adorn the bottom of frosted glass of the new Louis Vuitton Escale World time.

Artistic: the Hand-Painted Clock Face Without Pointer

Central focus on the hand-painted clock face is a triangle, that reflects the form of the ‘V’ of the Vuitton logo, but from the perspective of the carrier of the mens watch upside appears set. The dark triangle field in a narrow and fine arrow in yellow at the time in hours and minutes can be accurately read ends at its top. These are displayed on two routierenden slices. The innermost pane displays the minutes. The hours are visible in the middle ring 24 digits. Light fields mark the hours of the day here, dark mark that for the night. The arrow is placed beneath the Sapphire Crystal, hovering over the disc and does not disturb so their rotations.

Time Zone Change Made Easy

Previously, you need to adjust the current to discharge old place on the yellow line of the ad only with the laterally mounted, octagonal Crown of white gold LV logo and set the time. This includes fields for 24 cities in 24 countries, which represent 24 time zones. They are each marked by three or four uppercase letters on the two rings of the third disc, which is located on the outer edge of the dial. Then, the corresponding time can be read for each of the places. Thus the clock conversion for adventurous Globe Trotter itself at rapid, constant change from one time zone to the other is made very easy, comfortable and very easy. A quick glance is sufficient also to detect the exact time basically. Only at the very first moment, the abundance of colorful letter boxes and ornate, additional decorative elements is a bit confusing and unfamiliar.

In 38 Colors During 50 Work Hours Around the World

What makes the Escale World time particularly expensive and precious, is its unique, painted by hand with the finest Sable Brush dial in 38 different colors, 50 work hours are needed for its production alone. In addition to the letter abbreviations of the 24 cities, the world famous ornamental elements of the brand decorate the elaborately crafted dial: the LV logo, so-called canvas Monogram or Monogram-Canvas pattern, longitudinal striped Jaune pattern, stylized flowers, the checkerboard Damier – or even lines pattern.

Historical Case Details as an Example

This imaginative pattern variants of the travel clock is inspired by historic Louis Vuitton suitcases. The House of Louis Vuitton customers will be individually decorated colored stripes, symbols, or initials and label until today their luggage with own characters, patterns. Another detail of the watch that recalls Louis Vuitton suitcase: The edge of the white gold case with his Crown is equipped with an ornamental fittings type which unmistakably owe their suitcase belt excitation with Friend and the reinforcing metal fittings that attached to the corners of the Louis Vuitton suitcase, especially strained corner edges protect against bumps, scratches and signs of wear. This includes a hand sewn alligator leather strap with gold buckle and black calf leather stitching.Only twenty copies are made of the labor-intensive chronometer this year. Everything has a price: the luxury watch Louis Vuitton Escale Worldtime cost around 50,000 euros in Theeliteswatches.