Looks For Pregnant Women-Style Tips And 40 Looks Of Famous To Inspire

Looks for stylish pregnant–learn from the celebrities.

Pregnancy is a special period for every woman. During this period, comfort becomes indispensable, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your style. 

It is necessary, Yes, make a few adjustments in your closet to best serve your new body; However, with a little creativity, you can maintain several pieces that you already have and incorporate new ones, enhancing the beauty of the forms of pregnancy.

Some general tips:

Whenever possible, choose fabrics that don’t love each other, with a bit of stretch to facilitate the movements and mainly they are hot to the touch;

Don’t be afraid to show your belly: pregnancy is a unique moment, which must be concluded. Choose pieces that enhance its new forms, showing the belly;

Enjoy to use parts with necklines that value the lap; as the Empire models, wrap and trapezium;

Be practical: invest in pants and leggings dancers more stylish, that can be combined with classic shape fluffy shirts classic blazers, you already have in the closet.

To inspire you, we’ve put together a special, with 40 looks of famous and some key pieces to leave their production even more stylish. Check out:

Dresses-Maternity Looks

The dress is one of the most democratic and practical parts during pregnancy. Because it is an element so Joker, the cool thing is investing in overlaps and accessories, to give more personality to the look. Shirts, kimonos, cardigans and even other dresses, with larger shapes are just a few examples of how you can leave the production even more interesting.

The Kardashian sisters abuse shorts dresses well, but combine the piece with longer coats to let the look comfortable. In Brazil as the temperature is warmer, you can use a long vest worked in tailoring, it’s going to be super nifty!

Actresses Sophie Charlotte and Thais are also adept at Fersoza dress, betting on overlaps with shirts and cardigans.

Kourtney Kardashian abuses of mídis with geometric prints, which enhance the forms and leave the tummy even more evident.

Kate Middleton and Karina Bacchi with models of classic prints. For day to day, choose dresses in mesh; for special occasions, bet on versions with more sophisticated fabrics, like silk.

For a formal occasion, choose models with wider modeling and lightweight fabrics, like those of Ciara and Nicky Hilton.

The actress Juliana Paes wore your dress style gown with a comfortable sandals.

The British television presenter Fearne Cotton used an exact black dress, overlapped with a girly income model. The red and purple sandal left the edgier look!

Looks for pregnant women: long mesh versions are ideal for the last few months of pregnancy. Choose cozy flats to complete the look.


Coco Rocha and Chrissy Teigen showing two very different ways to use the midi knitted dress.

The singer Ciara exhibited the tummy with a fluted, midi model well exact and turtleneck.

Jeans-Maternity Looks

They are a wild card in the brazilian Cabinet, but tend to be forgotten during the pregnancy. To incorporate the jeans to your look, it is important to choose the models for low-rise, that don’t shake the belly. In the first few months, enjoy the models that you already have around the House, combining them with more soltinhas blouses and different accessories.

Sienna Miller and Olivia Wilde matched their denim jeans with striped knit shirt and a black jacket

Play with volumes. Explore flare pants with tight blouse and skinny trousers with shirts, like Gwen Stefani.

Looks pregnant: Beyoncé left the production well, with torn pants and an oversized robe style jacket

Leggings-Looks For Pregnant Women

The legging pants is a classic of the closet of pregnant women, but she needs to be part of looks boring or dull. As the piece can be used before, during and after pregnancy, it’s nice to invest in models with sturdier fabrics, comfortable and pleasant to the touch. At the time of the production, abuse of accessories, the overlaps and even of prints, that help bring freshness to the piece.

Gisele Bundchen and Blake Lively bet on looks all black, with a little bit of geometric stamping–Looks for pregnant women

Kim Kardashian is also a fan of the all black look, which helps balance the shapes.

In the final months of pregnancy, the legging is ideal to ensure maximum comfort

For a change a little the legging, choose models with differentiated tissues, such as leather. Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively approve!

During your pregnancy, Juliana Paes opted for leggings in cirrê, with brilliant effect.

Looks pregnant: Beyoncé has chosen a printed legging, to brighten your look more basiquinho.

Overalls–Looks For Pregnant Women

Strong trend in recent seasons, the big ape is a Joker, which can be incorporated also in the wardrobe of most stylish moms. Comfortable and very practical, overall helps to enhance the tummy and works for both the day-to-day and for more formal occasions according to BITTRANSLATORS.

Emma Ishta and Kim Kardashian with black outfits, especially the belly.

Chrissy Teigen also adopted the black jumpsuit as one of their darlings

Looks for pregnant women: Scarlett Johanson and Fearne Cotton showing that the overalls are super stylish and comfortable options for future moms.

For parties, abuse of long models, with different texture fabrics, like the lace of Khloe Kardashian.