Long-Term Test: Golite Pinnacle

I have been wearing this great backpack for over 2 years and am still hard hit by it. He has now accompanied me on big as well as small tours great and purely outwardly, it is hardly noticeable wear.

I myself am 1.80m tall and possess it in size M. At the beginning I had to consider whether I should not bring him a number bigger because too small backpacks often caused problems with my shoulder. At the latest after I have carried him 4 weeks in a row with a starting weight of over 17kg in the Sarek National Park and environment, I can say that the Pinnacle sits like poured.

Key Data

Processing: very good

Wear comfort: good

Weight: approx. 710g

Volume: 72l

Material: Dyneema Ripstop


4 Compression belts

2 outputs for drinking systems

Medium-strong waist belt (up to 17kg)

Waterproof zip for small outer pocket

2 mesh pockets on the sides

Removable backrest

Inner mesh pocket

The sack has endured a lot since its first use. I scraped it through bushes, thorns, coniferous forests, and over rocks. Externally, there are a few slight scratches, but the material stood out very well. The bag is also good for carrying comfort. The missing support system does not occur at all. You just have to pack the backpack just right and then carry it comfortably over your hips without straining your shoulders.

The inside net, as well as the Schlüsselbundhalter I have never used, which is why I will probably cut it out. The weight itself is probably no longer ultralight by today’s standards, but still a lot easier than an ordinary trekking backpack, but at least as robust.

All in all, he will probably remain for some time my companion on several week tours. It’s only a pity that GoLite extends the pack every year with unnecessary features and makes it harder. Perhaps I will ask in time at the Laufbursche.