Long Earrings: Flash Tip For A Glamour Outfit

Sometimes a fashionable outfit required only a very special element in a matter of seconds by “all OK” to become something special. These are often not the flashy designer clothes, but an extraordinary accessory. This completes the style of the bearer so well that it determines the look of the site. I recently discovered as an effect on Mary-Kate Olsen: she was wearing a fairly unspectacular black outfit a pair of long earrings with green opals. She defined her whole look with these beautiful gemstones in an elongated Teardrop shape. Also, her heart-shaped face has benefited from the elongated design of the earrings. For a very advantageous side effect of these ear jewellery is that a round face and a strong, short neck look instantly slimmer.

The beauty of it: This effect works for every woman with a slightly fuller face and almost all simple outfits. A so eye-catching accent draws the eye upward and dominates the overall impression of the outfit. If you are an O-character type or a woman with A figure , which is especially beneficial for you. But even women with different proportions can define your whole style earrings as so-called “longsleeves”. Then earrings with an exceptionally strong statement include the basics in your wardrobe. Here are a few tips so that the desired effect:

  • Match the color of the earrings on your eyes, lips, or hair. Use a colour contrast or stay with your natural color.
  • Large and strongly built women wear larger, puristically designed earrings, smaller and daintier women can wear ornate detail earrings.
  • Less is more: with flashy earrings, waive any other jewelry in the head – and décolleté area – even with glasses! As well you should omit better elaborate decorations on collar, lapel, or cutting your clothes. Just so you get the maximum effect.
  • Simple hairstyles, which release face and ears, for example, a strict braid or smooth, worn behind the ears hair styles are also beneficial to extravagant earrings.
  • Oh, and before I forget: In the Office or professional occasions hanging earrings are unfortunately not the best choice. On these occasions, you should play it safe and choose discreet earrings.

I think with these tips, you are equipped to effectively put your own style with long earrings in scene. Have fun trying it out and enjoy shopping at Cachedjewelry.com! I look forward, if you recommend these tips to a friend or report here about your experiences! What outfits and hairstyles you wear with earrings?