Lipstick Mouth Color: Black, Skin, Brunette, White, Pink

The lipstick mouth known also as color lipstick nude is very successful among women especially those who want to use a style make more natural leaving clearly visible all traces that nature gave them.

Lipstick color mouth can be used by women of different ages and with any skin tone, although not change the color of your lips, it enhances them, making them more bulky and larger.

Tips for Every Skin Type

The nude lipstick looks good on any skin type, but there are small changes in relation to the tone used for each. Ehuacom recommends you to check out some super tips:

  • Black skin- many women find that black can not use lipsticks in color of the mouth and are mistaken. There are some shades of nude that look great in black skinned women they are caramel, coffee, gold or brown, all leave a very natural tone, but highlighted.
  • White yellowish through skin- women who have this skin tone colors that use should resemble or peach brown. Pinkness are also great. Who has this kind of skin should take care that the lipstick color does not end up leaving her pale appearance.
  • White skin rosada- This type of skin is fine with shades of peach and pink. These colors harmonize well with the color of your skin leaving it look healthier.
  • Skin morena- who has this type of skin should prefer more gold or earth tones. The brownish tones and peach also highlight well the lips of brunettes.

Prices and Trademark Indications

Several brands have lipsticks color mouth and prices tend to be very varied, below list some well-known brands and also quote prices on average you will need to shell out for each lipstick related to the brand:

  • Lipstick Vult- this brand has great line of lipsticks skin color and the prices are around R $ 11. This brand is well known and is a guarantee of quality.
  • Lipstick MAC – has gorgeous shades of lipstick color mouth and cost just over $ 60 mark then imported if you want to pay less you will have to look at the import sites or order who are traveling to the United States.
  • Lipstick Natura- this brand as well known by all own lipsticks that cost little more than R $ 12.
  • Lipstick Eudora- these cost on average R $ 15.
  • Lipstick Avon- this brand so famous and recognized for makeup has lipsticks that cost little more than R $ 25.

When you like a lipstick no matter the brand or the price of it that for sure you will buy so I quoted these brands so you know that there is a very wide range of prices comparing brands.

Regardless, look for one that becomes good on you and you like it, if the price is affordable even better. I hope this article has cleared up any doubts regarding lipsticks mouth color.