Lingerie Tips for Surprise on Mother’s Day!

Every woman loves a good lingerie, no matter what stage of life it is! With mother’s day approaching, the lingeries are a great gift option. After all, there are options for all tastes and pockets.

If you want to make this mothers day gift, you need to find out what type of lingerie that your mom likes. One of the ways is asking her, but, if you want to make a surprise to note which profile she has and how she dresses can be a good option.

So, I know what are the favorite colors of your mother, the fabrics that she use, they wear shapewear, if she prefers bra or no bulge, demitasse or push up, strapless or swimmer. Anyway, there are a myriad of items!

To help you choose the gift of mother’s day, pharmacylib presents some profiles of mom and indicates how to combine them!

Mom fashion

This mother accompanies all the trends and like to know the news. Even if it does not suit all, want to know and experience! Fashion mom spares no time to choose new lingerie and has models of various styles, fabrics and colors.

Mother practice

The rush of everyday life and multitasking demands practicality. For this mother, the important thing is to resolve the problems quickly and satisfactorily. The mother does not have much time to think about what to wear, so keeps everything organized and always knows what you’re wearing.

For these mothers, the lingerie should be basic, but very comfortable and beautiful.

Mother predictable

This is one of those that has a closet with clothes very similar, with the same pattern of colors and tissue sections. This mother doesn’t care about the trends in the world, but with that created for herself. But, be predictable is not be discreet! The Audacity also looks good on a daily basis.

If your mother is predictable in the style, the tip is to buy a lingerie just the way she likes. Notice and ask!

Mother unpredictable

If you never know how your mother going out dressed (or not) of the room, you have an unpredictable mother. She collects clothes and accessories of various different styles and more – combines.

In these cases, before buying the gift, ask her what she wants or bet on a very different of lingerie that she already has.

Elegant mother

No matter the occasion, a mother is always well dressed. With style and personality, know how to combine the pieces and enhance your body. This mom is always prepared for any situation.

On mother’s day, if you want to present elegant mothers, bet on Black Lace Lingerie.

You or your own mother can fit those profiles, or have a little bit of each one of them. The important thing is the freedom to choose what to be and what to wear!