Lighting Tips Of Environments

Decorate a house doesn’t just mean buying furniture and valuable objects and sophisticated and distribute them by environments. The decor also requires an elaborate lighting design to highlight and enhance the furniture and objects. So, before you start hanging chandeliers on the ceiling, it is necessary to define what will be the use of each space, whether it’s to work, read, relax, sleep.

“The light from a central environment should be stronger, but it is interesting to install peripheral lights as auxiliaries, such as spots, wall sconces, lamps, columns,” says specialist Denise Furcolin lighting designs.

The lamps are essential in environments more comfortable, as the fourth. The spots, which produce a directional lighting, are used for reading and lighting objects, such as tables.Small details make the difference because they give visual comfort and leave the most pleasant environments. A light reflected on television, a shadow during makeup or shaving are annoyances that can be avoided only with the correct placement of a spot, for example.

Must also take into account the material and colors of lights, because they can reflect light and get in the way of illumination. For those who like to read in different spaces of the House the suggestion is to use light fixtures that can be transported from one place to another with ease and to stand behind and slightly above the reader with the focus in the book. Already in the TV room, the tip is gently illuminate the wall behind or in back of the unit so that the light does not reflect on your screen.

For homes with right foot down, the column-style light fixtures from the bottom up and give the impression that the wall is higher.Chandeliers with lights up should be used in roofs white to reflect light and brighten as well the environment.

The direct light from a central chandelier in the ceiling creates a homogeneous scenario, which, though less interesting, is required for ceremonial occasions. Recessed lamps in crown molding, lamp shades and sconces are resources to create an indirect lights game, suitable for a chat between friends or relax time. Spots and light fixtures give highlights certain objects. In the corner, reading lamps with powerful lamp the hinging 50 cm from the book. On the dining room ceiling light fixture must be at a distance of 80 cm.

The color (hue) of the lamp also influences the comfort. Few consumers know, but fluorescent lamps can be produced in yellowish shades, bluish or neutral and each of them have your property. The white-yellow is suitable for bedrooms and living rooms, since they refer to comfort and coziness and feeling of tranquility; the bluish-white is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, because they spend a feeling of cleanliness and freshness and keep people more active; and the white-neutral makes clear environments without interfering in the activities carried out on that site.