Light to Get Rest

If arriving at your home are looking for experience the peace of mind and relax the body and mind of the hardship of the day, or be in an atmosphere full of energy that revitalize every part of you, can achieve it by supporting you with good lighting.

Light temperatures are different and each one has a specific objective, it is necessary to know the effect of each one; for example, warm light is advisable for harmony, closeness and comfort; While the cold tones are revitalizing and invite you to the action.

General lighting is that normally provides all the light in each zone, usually is designed with intensity, so if there are some area that you want to use for the rest, place a lamp (bulb) warm; or if you want to fill you with energy, that lamp are cold tonality. Check out the article on August 11, 2011, entitled “Emotional light“, to learn more about tones.

In the Chamber, to provoke feelings of comfort, peace and relaxation, you can place dimmable luminaires in warm tone, allowing you to level the intensity of light according to different moments; for this great work the fixed recessed led:
YDLED-DIM/450/15W/30/B, which is dimmable.

If you have some space dedicated for relaxation or reading it is necessary to also be decorated with warm light, so you get the effect of tranquility and your body can get rid of stress.

Help your body to relax or lift your energy helped by light, so always enjoy good moments to get home, because she must give you serenity, bind you and make you feel it completely yours.

Tecno Lite we want you enlighten all your moments with the light you need and enjoy every experience to the maximum advantage. Discover more benefits of our luminaires with our dealers.