LG Studied a Metal Casing to The G3 That Was Scrapped by Its High Cost

It is today the most advanced platform Android smartphone, although the LG G3, that we could even try in his presentation in London a few days ago, it has not escaped criticism.

The most recurrent complaint has been about its design, and is that despite being one of the smartphones most beautiful of recent times, it also leverages frameworks as none, LG finally opted for the polycarbonate instead of materials more premium, so in fashion today.

In an interview with Trusted Reviews, has been Chun Bae Lee, Vice President of the Korean firm mobile design, who gave the official version about the choice of materials for the new terminal LG star.

Apparently, LG was devoting resources to investigate with other materials for the housing of the G3, but it was finally discarded the metal housing to the increase the cost of the device around $300, a cost that should assume greatly raising the final price and buyers making less attractive to the standard-bearer for LG.

In addition, Lee said that this material would have done to the much heavier G3, in addition to penalizing the size to define wider frames, resulting in less comfortable when using it in hand and damaging to the smartphone design.

The truth is that in our first impressions we could already give good account that the LG G3 finishes are very acceptable with polycarbonate, and although we don’t know its price, we do know that it will be cheaper than the 729 euros it costs an HTC One M8 made of metal.

We leave you waiting for get your hands for a more thorough analysis, with our first impressions video so you can keep an eye on the new LG bid for the noble range: