LG QuickCircle Is Displayed in High Resolution Hours Presented Officially

LG continues to talk with its leaks, although all this jungle of information and images will end soon, at seven o’clock this evening hour Spanish, when it will start the official presentation of the new LG G3 that you can follow live from Xataka Android.

In this case we return to having as protagonist to the cover LG QuickCircle, that after officer ahead of time coming back now in images live and with good quality It shows all the details of the final product that today will be presented.

If some clueless us read for the first time talking about this smart LG case for its new terminal star, comment that we we have a type backguard, that book cover Add Wireless charging through the standard Qi and that will allow to control most functions of the terminal from its circular window at the front top.

LG has designed an exclusive interface that will allow us to use most of the essential functions of the device without having to open the case, and that thanks to an SDK also allows installation of third-party applications.

As we see in the large gallery that you attach, the back material is plastic with texture, a solution similar to the finish of synthetic skin used by Samsung, and for the front window there are already various designs of watches, some quite attractive, that will accompany the carousel circular with our configurable shortcuts:

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