LG G3, Expandable Memory Via MicroSD and Removable Battery

More data from the next terminal from LG designed to put a dent in the high current range little by little we arrive. Yesterday we knew LG QuickCircle, its smart cover allowing you to see a small circular screen through which we can perform various tasks, like controlling our music, take photos and check our notices among others.

Your specifications also leaked at an event of the own LG in Korea of the South with detail by what few questions remained to be resolved. Today, thanks to Evleaks we know that the memory of the flagship of LG will be Expandable via MicroSD card, so you will not see us limited by its 16 or 32 GB of internal storage.

Another feature that we see more and more in the market are smartphones with batteries which may not be removed. These terminals have the disadvantage that we can not carry another battery to swap it if necessary, but we can fix it with a portable charger. In the case of LG G3 battery If you can exchange, Another positive point for LG.

The only data that has not yet come to light is the price of the so-called two versions, but rumors suggest that the 16 GB version would remain in a few 680 euros While the 32 GB version would go to the 720 euros approximately. At the moment and waiting for the official presentation, you can go through the article where are compared with seven terminals dimensions.