LG G3, All about The New Smartphone Android LG Range Stop

One of the companies was not more media but the return of LG to the high range last year was for everything great. LG G2 was a strong candidate to be the smartphone of the year, was next to the Nexus 5 for me. This year the Koreans again with great force and this afternoon have presented in London its new ship logo for the 2014: the LG G3.

A smartphone that again seeks to combine the best hardware with a design that keeps the lines of the previous generation but with much more elegant and aesthetic finishes. Arrive a little later than its main competitors does not mean you a lastra since it comes with a differential factor allowing you to show off a good season. We see in depth what offers the new LG G3.

Everything to the limit, nothing of front buttons

The year past LG distanced himself from the rest by throwing a screen that advantage to the maximum the front space of the mobile. Very very thin frames that are once again this is a smartphone with dimensions of 146,3 x 74.6 x 9.1 mm and weighing 151 grams. 76.4% of the front, its 5.5 inches, closer it to the format phablet as to the of a large-screen smartphone.

As we saw in the previous generation, LG takes back buttons. They have stylized and finish fits in with new aesthetics who want to give the Koreans their ship logo. Discrete, they fit perfectly into the finish of the terminal. The terminal body is plastic with a metallic finish. The first images gave us the feeling of that LG would step-up in this section but in the end was not so.

Available in five colors, silver, black, gold, lilac and pink we have to see if it is capable of transmitting good sensations in hand. The memory of the LG G2 is long and despite being a fairly large smartphone was very comfortable. Let us hope that in this generation win a bit of robustness because the G2 suffered enough upon impact given the narrow margins.

The combination of processor and RAM leaves us little surprises inside: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 with 2GB RAM that you promise to give an excellent performance. The internal memory is 16 GB but you can extend it with cards of up to 2 TB, although for the moment we will have to “settle” for the 128 that exist in the market.

The screen is the main attraction of the LG G3

LG cannot tell that it is the first smartphone with QHD display but yes can boast of being who most will spread it this panel and resolution since Koreans pull is quite more superior to the live small with its 3S Xplay. The 2560 x 1440 pixels in 5.5 inch that translates into 538 pixels per inch sound really good and many want to already get your hands to see what they can offer.

Besides the sensation in the eyes, touch response or Colorimetry there is an aspect which is concerned with this new leap of resolution: battery. In principle the 3,000 mAh They seem like a figure more than enough to be able to use a day intense without any concern about using an external battery or take the charger always with us.

LG says that thanks to the change of the battery with the metal by one of graphite cathode has been achieved expanding the life of this component. The good news is that it is removable, something that is appreciated because that is becoming more common to find terminals with this sealing element.

13 megapixels, recording 4K and auto focus laser

Your camera puts the other big surprise of the new LG G3. A 13 megapixel sensor OIS + (same technology as in G Pro 2) we have a camera that seeks to refine the G2 approach introducing a system by laser that will allow us to do it more quickly. Lightning is responsible for measuring the distance between the object and the mobile to calculate the focus distance. Promises good results in low light, it remains to be seen if it is true.

LG says it’s fast but competition does not will it be easy. 4K recording is an interesting plus but at the moment has no special attraction although at least in the G3 screen you will see much better our recordings. With 2.1 megapixel front camera will have us well covered for self-portraits and video conferencing.

In fact it is there, with the selfies, where LG wants to get more out of its front-facing camera. It has spread to pick up more field image in viewing angle. In addition, entered a special way so that we can call a trigger account back by making a gesture with his hand.

Android 4.4 KitKat and a return to its software layer

One of the most widespread criticism of the LG G2 was its software layer: an aesthetic that did not quite come together with the style that tried to impose Google Android and quite unstable performance where predominated the introduction of lots of features on the fluidity and the actual use that we ended up doing.

This time it seems that LG has decided to embrace Google design cannons and simplify its interface with most flat elements and cleaner appearance. The Koreans have decided to add a few applications, as for example a notebook that can also be used as if it were a floating window.

One of most important LG additives in this generation is the fact that the terminal learns from our daily. This translates into two applications: a keyboard that is watching what we write and helps us to predict texts effectively and an Assistant named Smart Notice that will warn you when we have many applications that we don’t use or offer contextual information. For example: if bad weather will warn us of that I take an umbrella with us.

In the Security section have also introduced novelties. On the one hand touches, Knock Code from unlock pattern. We saw it at the Mobile World Congress in operation and it is interesting as an alternative to the current systems. Has also introduced the possibility of formatting the computer remotely, in case of loss, or the possibility of protecting certain files and applications so that they are in view of anyone who take our phone.

Wireless charging and Quick Circle, accessories

It is curious that LG given the avalanche of leaks should decide to submit your cover Quick Circle before the mobile. We have already seen many of this type, but we find the great difference in their window circular, completely different to the classic rectangle.

From this small space can handle calls, see notifications quickly, control music, handy shortcuts and even by taking pictures with the front camera. It is an interesting addition and remains to be seen if LG will also like Samsung and will only allow the use of the official covers. Along with it will come a wireless charging stand.

LG G3, price and availability

The new LG G3 will come to South Korea on May 28 and at the moment unknown when will come to other countries or what price will make it. Operators also offer through different offers, but at the moment we have to wait to make them people who communicate it. Vodafone surely is one of the companies which will go to the head in this aspect.