LG G3, a Review of Its Most Important Features

Simply extraordinary. Under those two words LG It describes the newly presented LG G3, its new high-end device which from July will face rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 or Sony Xperia Z1.

With the LG G3 the Korean manufacturer has opted to offer to the consumer device with a good design, power with your processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, a good 5.5 inch screen Quad HD to give the best density of pixels per inch of the market and a good camera back-focus laser, along with other features that we will see below.

Knock code

The LG G3 as it could not be of another system form also Knock code so that the user can unlock the screen with a certain sequence of touches made in four areas of the screen as if it were an unlock pattern. LG G3 allows KnockON (double-tap on the screen) to see the lock screen and use the Knock code to unlock it.

Smart Notice

Smart Notice is the new personal assistant LG. As a widget on the home screen of the LG G3 This wizard will inform us of the time and display suggestions and recommendations about our behavior, location and use of the device. For example we can remember if you want to return a call that we had previously rejected or delete the file and applications that we have long been unused to free memory.

Quick Circle

The cover Quick Circle allows us to access without having to remove the cover or unlock the phone at the time, the time and functions most frequent calls, messages, music and camera.

Dual Window

Dual Window It is the LG multi-view. With this new feature we can have two applications open at the same time. Just have to do a press long on the back button to select two applications want. This new functionality also allows us to have opened the web browser twice on screen, to navigate on two websites at the same time with the same application.


Your camera from 13 megapixel with its improved image stabilizer (OIS +), its approach by laser and dual-LED flash allows us to take pictures sharper and brighter, even in poor light conditions. His 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera also allows us to get good pictures, with its peculiar front flash that adds a white frame on the screen to illuminate us and a gesture to activate a countdown.

Guest mode

The LG G3 account with a Guest mode to keep our our private data when leave the device to another person. This way, once activated, is accessed with the Knock code that we have given. You can select applications want in that guest mode.

Smart Bulletin

Smart Bulletin allows us to monitor our daily activity to keep track of our LG Healt health and access to tips and tutorials of the LG G3, among other information. Integrates with Smart Notice.

Smart Keyboard

Smart Keyboard It is the new LG intelligent keyboard. Store and analyze our habits of writing to adapt to our way of writing, correcting up to 75% of erroneous entries. The user can adjust the height of the keyboard and often used symbols.

Quad HD display

Its 5.5-inch screen has a resolution Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) which does not offer one of the best densities of pixels per inch, a few 538 ppp, that translates into much more crisp and bright images.

1W speaker

Finally to highlight your 1 Watt speaker listen to from the own LG G3 music with good volume, sounds clear, and with good quality low and serious.