LG Doubles Its Commitment to Flexible Screens in The Face of The Future

The consumer electronics market moves too fast, and to who sleeps the wave catches it to wake you up and circling under water.

The flexible screens they look for technologies to conquer the devices of the future, and the guys at LG have thought better to take steps at the moment their curved smartphones have not had much success.

Thus, the Koreans announce with fanfare its resolute commitment by flexible panels, with a great investment dedicated to improving the ability of mass production of this type of P-OLED screens developed by LG Display.

LG is going to build a new production plant in Korea of the South, specifically in Gyeongbuk, with an initial $ 908 billion cost. This movement aims to place to LG Display as a leading producer of flexible panels the world, in a market that analysts will grow exponentially in the coming years.

Flexible screens, a technology of the future

Obviously needs to change, and if a few years smartphones were becoming smaller, now the advance of technology has brought us phablets with large screens that allow us to perform tasks unthinkable not too long ago.

The future we cannot predict it, but today we all clear that flexible screens they conquered from the dashboards of our cars to the wearables, through intelligent tables, appliances, and other devices that surround us.

Its main advantage is this, that a flexible display can be adapted to any device and almost any curvature, so we can expect them in practically any gadget.

At the moment, Samsung and LG have been the only companies who have decidedly opted for this technology, but it is hoped that many other manufacturers of screens you will joining as technology progress and lowers costs.

And you, what to expect from an electronics market dominated by flexible screens?