LG Brings Smartphone With Flexible Display In The Fourth Quarter

For months or even years has been talked about the flexible displays, which Samsung is currently developing. To date, no device has appeared and the neighbors from South Korea LG could possibly be taken to Samsung now. They have now talked openly about their plans for the fourth quarter. And so it should already be at the end of the year so far that LG a flexible smartphone or at least a smartphone with a flexible display to the start.

 True flexible smartphones will not be able to give, due to rigid elements like the battery, but devices with a display, which for example goes beyond the edges of the device and/or. Similar prototypes Samsung showed already at the beginning of the year at different trade fairs.

Such displays are probably only possible with LEDs, which is why LG will also rely on the OLED technology for these flexible displays. I’m definitely very excited about whether the guys from LG the announcements can really put into action and not then over years to get hot air out.

Such displays will certainly be particularly interesting for smartwatches, which will be launched abundantly this year.