Leggings Back to School

… or in my case, on his sickbed. The academic year is about to start, but I spend my time at home, with the koikkelehtien-sticks from one floor to another. I would not have guessed that in this way, but I miss the start of the school! As summer has gone from ankle trouble, the time is slow, I miss the early action in the autumn. Thank you so much for a couple of weeks, so I’ll get to walk again! Until then, I have so much time to plan my wardrobe for every day in the unique content for sure.

The collar is

Although I’m still pretty much a home prisoner, I live in the fall of the other. I read the start of school, I feel like the fb updates with a tangy when I visit the mailbox and looking for people to move to warmer clothes. Now I drive a car, and it means that the world is almost ostrich! I get to sit in the cafes-and it’s otherwise wonderful, when you do not really need to carry anything but all are brought for me on the table. That’s why I also could not get dressed for autumn clothes. The collar should be layered, so it can take off parts, if you will be hot. I have recently been feeling so rockimmaksi than you normally would, and dressed accordingly.

Makeup does not go with the style of the one I live in relaxed rock, but I think it’s always nice to put the costume on one element that does not fit in the other. If I black kajalit in the eye, the style could be too. Now I’m in the eye just a thin border, clean corners and left the rest of the makeup is negligible.

I’ve already bothered about the majesty of the leggings, and the same flag waving even more. If it is, but as a practical piece of clothing! They are suitable for any time of year and style, not to mention the comfort, for example, now this foot injury. This I live in Too Fast to Mary-leggins are a suitable kriipit and they have a religious theme. Leggings are slippery fabric, cover and extend to the high around the waist, so you can wear them with a bit of a longer topin and stay still in style without changing. The bravest can become leggings with a short crop top-type viyage I recommend to merge in the autumn, but at the top of the form, for example, a long cardigan.

You may also want to know about my leggings: http://www.deadlyleggings.com/index.php/why-i-wear-leggings/.

Because of the legendary design is so noticable, I like them, I live in a pretty clear. Rock Rebel by EMP’s rivet boots are in time for the rock, but the time muted. The jacket is ordered from EMP a couple of years ago, so it is no longer allowed, but the surgery is pretty much the basic bikertappi model.

I can not wait to get it properly and that I have while working in the days of the place where to go! I get inspired by the new clothes, including a reason to dress up. Even if the place is just a library, where I write graduate. In writing it’s not like I no nothing. Fortunately, I can blame the sick leave! Before that, I blamed the summer vacation … In the field to understand why people take so long to write a master’s thesis. Well, this year it will finally be completed. I promise it. How nice it will not be for all our readers, with the thesis in the fall and, in particular, for you, that you go for the first time or back to school!