LED Lights for Pool

Light up the basin and around your pool is a matter of aesthetics, and security! Back on the LED spots for pool: aesthetic, ecological and safe lighting.

LED Lights for Pool

What is a LED spot for pool?

The LED projector has an LED bulb, placed in what is called a niche of protection. The LED spotlight is directly composed of light-emitting diodes that operate at the passage of an electric current.

Usually smaller than the LED spotlight, LED spotlight, waterproof, can be attached to the pool wall to illuminate in the bottom or it can be embedded outside, on the edge of the pool. It is, in the latter case, the most common spot model.

Designed to dress up the edge of the pool, the terrace swimming pool or the garden, all the LED spots are waterproof and heat not (unlike traditional incandescent bulbs) to avoid the risk of burns to the passage on the spot.

Why install a LED spot for pool?

The LED spots are usually used to mark the edge of the pool.

They provide a more elegant and aesthetic touch to the pool; across the garden in General.

They also play an important role for your safety all around the pool: LED spotlights allow you to highlight the outline of the pool, and so avoid the risk of an accidental fall.

Sizes and changing shapes, LED spot lights fit perfectly to your pool environment, and bring style and aesthetics in accordance with your desires.

The spots, LED lights, consume less than conventional incandescent bulbs. Install a LED spot at the edge of your pool, is to make energy savings. And more: not only you consume less energy but you also save money on your electricity bill.

The spots, and LED bulbs have a long life more than conventional incandescent bulbs. They have a range of 30 000 to 50 000 hours of operation.

No need of work or special tools for installation: LED spotlights set very simply.

LED spotlights are not only intended to dress the basin of a swimming pool, or the edge of the pool, they can also be installed in an aquarium in a home, in a garage, on the driveway of your home, etc.