LED Lighting for Pool

A pool is a place to relax but can also become a decorative part of your exterior. With suitable lighting, enhance this space becomes a breeze!

That Benefits

Exterior LED lighting is now essential to create a unique atmosphere in and around the pool. Security and economy, will be the watchwords with this type of lighting that does not heat and consumes up to 9 times less energy than a conventional bulb. To shine your pool all night!

Enhance Your Pool With Suitable Lighting

Whether you have a small pool area in a corner of your garden or a large pool, framed or clear dense vegetation, your light will be the finishing touch to a successful decorating.

For a sober pool, opt for built-in white LED bulbs on the edges of the pool offer an elegance without fault. Easy to install they will replace your Halogen lighting traditional with a reliable, waterproof and very greedy energy product.

For a more contemporary feel, play on the light bulbs that provide a colorful light!

Different bulbs for swimming pool are available. Built-in instead of your traditional pool lighting enjoy LED lighting for original and effective pool which can even be controlled remotely using a remote control.

Atmosphere green or blue to play the card of tone on tone, you can also try unique and original experiences.

For example, if your pool is great:

Give him life with different colours arranged in an artistic way. Ideal for creating a high stage in color, our kits allow you to swim in a single space. And why not try the warm colours, such as red or orange perfect to bring an exotic touch which marries perfectly with Palm trees.

Today, PAR56 LEDs, white or RGB LED pool lights are designed to a standard Exchange with your energy-intensive halogen bulb.

Create a Unique Space

The LEDs for pool are the best way to stage your pool area. Enlighten you to play with your spaces to highlight the curves, the shadow areas, play on volumes. They can be complemented by recessed Spots on the edge of your pool to mark up the aquatic universe and light forms such as spheres or hemispheres watertight (our luminous ball Patio for example) that take place to guide the eyes wireless.

In ZephyrLEDLights you can choose different led lighting colors and play with colors to highlight your garden and the pool area: finished the pool time sad that awaits at the bottom of the garden!

Today your pool will take life and adapt to your décor vision: contemporary, elegant or colorful.