LED Lighting Applications

Our business applications

LED lighting offers many opportunities for a variety of applications while improving the quality of the light environment.

It meets the reduction of your lighting costs without compromising the level of illumination while responding to the challenges of sustainable development.

LED lighting in places of sale

Inspire customers to enter the store, make them want to stay, to buy and above all to give them to want to come back.

The LED can strongly help you achieve this goal through the many choices it offers. Quality rendering of color, sharpening, highlighting the contrasts and quality of illumination products will be key drivers of customer satisfaction.

LED lighting in offices

The adaptation of the working methods, the working climate, representative bodies, standards, the need to lower operating costs are always additional pressures for businesses but also an opportunity.

LED Novaday solutions provide you with the quality of light that takes into account the well-being of your employees, by offering technology, no UV or IR and with exceptional visual comfort.

All this strongly contributes to the good atmosphere in the company, to the productivity of men and the quality of their work.

Solutions that allow you to build a better working environment and real energy savings.

LED lighting in the hotel and catering

This sector represents a very important saving potential, because of the technologies used (halogen) and time of use of light.

The catering sector looking for atmospheres, decoration and usability which are important issues and for which energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs are not the right answer.

Novaday solutions respond completely to this business line objectives. Usability.

LED lighting for outdoor applications

Car parks, buildings, streets, LED lighting can bring real solutions in terms of energy costs and maintenance.

LED lighting for hospital applications

In the hallways, reception areas the light is always there, on. LED lighting allows very significant energy savings. The rooms are also preferred to give comfort in a place that is often impersonal.

The Novaday solutions provide a significant operating cost reduction.

LED lighting for industrial applications

Novaday is a true specialist in this sector of activity thanks to products patented by high powers, adaptable to each building.

The great heights of ceilings that often characterize such places, make the maintenance and the extremely costly re-lamping. A maintenance operation may require to interrupt production or activity.

Our solutions address the needs and constraints of the company.

Its qualities


The first quality of an Led means above all to be a diode whose operation is known for decades by major international semiconductor manufacturers who have continued to improve their manufacturing process. We can precisely predict its behavior in time i.e. its service life if you scrupulously respect its electrical and thermal constraints of physical integration. In ideal weather conditions, the service life of the LEDs of the Novaday products can even reach 100,000 hours.


For the same amount of light in a given space, the led consumes less energy than a conventional lighting system. In addition, unlike a fluorescent tube or a compact fluorescent bulb that need rare earths on their surface, she in use almost no. Unlike conventional sources, there is no mercury, sodium and other components that are dangerous for the environment. Thanks to its performance in lumen/Watt and optimized in space light diffusion, the Novaday LED technology allows you to reduce up to 90% of your energy consumption.


A good optical and light distribution system allows to distribute properly light where it should be. Choose the beaches of wavelength most suited to use guaranteed a comfortable light atmosphere.

Along with computer manufacturers to ensure the performance and quality of their products by ‘Intel inside’ approach, NOVADAY guarantees the same qualitative approach with from LEDs of the best world manufacturers: Nichia, Cree, Osram, Philips Lumileds, Sharp, Everlight.

All present on the market for leds for at least 25 years, including in the United States and Japan, these international groups are recognized for their quality and their expertise.


Unlike conventional sources produce light by the transformation from ultraviolet to visible light with rare earths, used by Novaday Leds emit any wavelengths in the UV.

The Led is cold in front before. The heat produced by its operation is drained by the PCB and its cooler. The Led emits no infra-red in the face before. Accordingly, there is no risk of burning by infra-red regardless of its power. However, some Leds can be dangerous for health. The standard in 62471 is there for the limits to respect and guarantee the safety of the people.


Unlike conventional sources for which the performance of the lighting system is optimum over a temperature range close because of the gas discharge process, a led performance depends on design and the quality of the materials of its cooling system. A well-designed and reliable product allows use over a wide temperature range. Some NOVADAY products can be used both for extremely low temperatures (coolers) or extremely high (steel).


the Led behaves as software whose output data is based on a multitude of inputs influencing its flow, its color, its effectiveness, its consumption in time… Bad data entries will give a bad result in output for the biggest disappointment of users. Know the ins and outs of this software as do know our experts explain why Novaday products are recognized for their quality.

But also


The Led lights instantly unlike many sources that require an important starting time, or even must cool before it can be turned on again. Some conventional sources require even a several thousands of volts pulse to initiate the discharge of gas and light output.

Most of the Novaday products work with a voltage input 12V, 24V or 48V.


The Led emits virtually no heat on the front and you will not of themselves burn by touching it unlike many conventional sources ranging from 90 ° C to 300 ° C at the surface.

Led consumes less energy and produces less heat for an amount of equivalent light. Thanks to the quality of NOVADAY cooling systems, the temperature of our products, depending on the applications and the powers, is very low, ranging from the 37 ° C body temperature ‘ at 70 ° C maximum.


The Led have no specific need of filament, anode, cathode, or burner to emit light it is not sensitive to shock and vibration.


In theory, the color possibilities and the combination of Leds is infinite. At the request of our customers, it is possible to make a product made to measure.


Digital light

The Led, it is above all an easily integrable led on a print, easily controllable circuit which leads to make light of the era of the physical production (excitement of a gas charged particles of mercury, sodium,… or heating of tungsten,…) to the digital age. The arrival of this digital light revolutionizes the use of light and the place it will occupy in our lives by opening the field of possibilities. The revolution on is similar to that held in the transition from film to digital photography. In the same way that the invention of the Lumière brothers no longer serves us to capture the moment, works of Becquerel, Edison and Claude will no longer useful to see, be seen and live.


The fundamentals of the LED

The LEDs are considered to be a technology of the future in the field of general lighting.

It is estimated that by 2020, the LED may be 75% of the lighting market.

The recent development of the white color to high light output LEDs opens new perspectives.

Technology is radically different from the filament lamps.

LEDs produce a new philosophy of lighting where light sources will be more numerous. (so is opooseront to the single source mounted on the ceiling)

The LEDs are designed in material around them.

The LED lamp will not only replace the traditional lamps.


The different types of LED

There are the led lighting of different powers, of different sizes, different features on Incredibleflashlight. Depending on the applications and the results, they can be used for a type of product or another, or even combined.

You will not use the same Led for the Flash of a smartphone or a street lighting.



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