LED Lamp E14 Base

Screw base E14-for the traditional socket

Screw mounts are the traditional lamp Sockets, which exists since the invention of the light bulb by Thomas Alva Edison. The screw mounts are usually made of metal and plastic. The lamps are simply screwed up into contact with the socket into. Lamps with a screw base carry labels with the abbreviation E and a number that indicates the diameter of the base thread. A lamp with an E14 base has a screw base with an outer diameter of 14 mm. E14 versions follow the DIN 40400 and international IEC 60238:1998. They are suitable for direct connection to the 230-Volt mains.

In General parlance E14 screw base are called also the small screw threaded, because they represent the most widely used base formats Sockets next to the E27 with large thread. Lamps with E14 screw base are used in all types of lighting, because the screw base of the traditional version of the light bulbs was and is. The E14 thread is reserved for the light bulbs, the efficiency of which do not exceed 60 Watts the candle lamps, small ball lamps, smaller reflector lamps and special forms of lamp.

LED E14 lamps and candles

Since the introduction of fluorescent energy saving light bulbs and later LED lamps also with E14 screw base provided, to replace all formats of incandescent bulbs. Up to a power of 40 watts, energy saving and LED lamps are equipped with this base format. LED lamps with E14 screw base can be used in each lamp with E14 screw base, without requiring a modification of the lamp. Especially since the gradual ban of incandescent of particular importance to the LED light, as compared to an incandescent lamp, a LED lamp requiring up to 90 percent less electricity.

LED E14 lamps specifications

LED lamps are robust and insensitive against vibrations, temperature fluctuations and moisture. The light of the LED lamps appears after switching on the lamp without delay and absolutely flicker-free. LED lamps with E14 screw base are offered at Dealledlights.com in many forms of cylinder lamp, candle lamp, ball lamp and in the form of flat radiators and many other special forms. They are white in colour and warm white and available in many colors of the spectrum and equipped even with color change function on request.