LED Flood Lights Advantages

Among the solutions of low energy lighting, LED projector has pulled out of the game. Versatile and useful, here is a presentation of its benefits.

Presentation of the projector

We must first LED projector appeared on the market in 2010 at Samsung and 3LCD, who are always leading LED technology brands. Already at the time, it offered a light output of 1000 lumens for a lifetime of 30 000 hours.

What made the success of the LED floodlight is especially versatile, available in multiple supply voltages (12V, 24V or 220/240v) it fits easily on any electrical installation without preliminary work.
Resistant to splashes and dust (IP65 standard), it can also be installed inside out.

Team a motion sensor, the LED spotlight is ideal for securing your exterior:

  • A small10 W LED spotlight is ideal to place outside your front door, the light emitted during your approach in securing your night returns.
  • 20 W LED spotlight, more powerful will secure your whereabouts or the entrance to the garage.The powerful light emitted (equivalent to that of a classic 150W projector) will deter intruders from entering your garden.

Green LED projectors

Like any system ofLED lighting, LED spotlights are economic and ecological:

  • Theirpower consumption is 90% less than conventional projectors. Thus, you reduce your consumption of electricity, which is good for your budget and the environment.
  • With a life expectancy of about 30,000 hours, you’re not ready to change the projector and you do not renew the purchase of conventional projector and throw one that no longer works:less waste!
  • Even at the end of life,the LED floodlight keeps its full power and when it no longer works, it remains green. Containing no toxic compounds such as mercury, it 98% recyclable. You just bring it back to the collection points provided in stores or to the dump of your commune.