Led Flashlight Head T6 Cree C/Refillable Police Zoom

The Headlight is ideal for mountaineering, camping or repairs, leaving your hands free for activity, also has signaling light on the back, and is great for cyclists. Using state-of-the-art technology, it features sophisticated Cree Led T6, the highest performance and lightest LED bulb in the market, consuming only 10% of a common bulb and has a life of between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. With its aluminum body, the Headlight is resistant to water, mud, rain and shocks. Range: Adjustable focus zoom: 1x-2000x. It has 3 operating modes (Super Power, Economy Mode and Strobo). For its operation, the Headlight uses 2 18650 rechargeable batteries, comes with bivolt (110v-220v) charger and vehicular charger.

Led Flashlight Head T6 Cree C Refillable Police Zoom 1

1 mode: 100% of capacity (Super Powerful)

2) mode: 50% of capacity (Economy)

3) mode: Strobe (Used in emergency situations to signal its location)

– source of energy saving, consumption being equal to 10% of a common lamp. That is why LED flashlight is used according to http://www.theinternetfaqs.com/why-led-flashlights.html.

Led Flashlight Head T6 Cree C Refillable Police Zoom 2

– Lamp life of up to 100,000 hours of use.
Do not direct the beam directly into the eyes.

– Rechargeable battery
– Car Charger

– Wall charger (110v-220v)

Note: water resistant, not submersible

Led Flashlight Head T6 Cree C Refillable Police Zoom 3

90 days warranty

After confirmation of payment the goods are sent within 1 business day.