Leather Jacket: Style Guide

The leather jacket is one of the basic and essential of any closet male or female self-respecting. It is versatile, combined with almost everything and never goes out of fashion.

Does not need to be a rebel in the 1950s or a girl punk of the 80s, this garment it reinvents itself season after season and always tops the list of trends.

Discover the wonderful world of the leather jackets: types, looks , or how to know which is the better you will. you become an addict!

How To Choose The Best Feel Us

In the infinite universe fashion there are hidden a perfect leather jacket for woman. You only have to know the shape of your body to find yours.

If your body is more rectangular, what is known as “silhouette cylinder”, the idea is to give more form with clothes. Therefore, jackets who better to feel you are those that will widen in the upper part of the body and narrow in the end zone, before they begin the hips. Shoulder leather jackets are ideal (it is also fashionable carrying embellishments like studson them) and more fitted bottom. If add you tabs XL, multiplicarás effect!

For the so-called ‘triangle’ silhouettes, have more hips to shoulders, is also suitable opt for leather shoulder straps with chupas. Ideally, is that it seems that shoulders are the same width that the lower part of the body, so the shoulder straps are the best allies to bring more balance to your silhouette. It is also a good idea to opt for those that have some detail on the sleeves, as small ruffles or are puff.

If on the other hand, your silhouette is “inverted triangle” (more marked than the hips and wide shoulders) should avoid the shoulder straps. The best thing is that you choose straight jackets which mark the waist slightly. If in addition have coolie or box instead of lapels, much better!

Finally, if you are lucky enough that your silhouette is “Hourglass”, i.e., shoulder and hip of the same width and the waist quite strong, practically you sit well any model. You can opt for a leather jacket cinched at the waist to enhance your curves (for example, those carrying belt), but if you are very thin and want to gain weight visually can afford those oversize leather jackets.

The Best Looks With Leather Jacket

Leather jacket is, as it has been demonstrated, one of the most eclectic clothes. You can become so perfect with a style that is casual for strolling through the city, as with a more fixed look to go out at night.Whatever your style and occasion, you can opt for a leather jacket if you know how to combine it. Are four ideas:

1 Look rocker: combines your biker jacket with black trousers, t-shirt with message and heels. The final touch: red lips and clutch with studs to give an even more cane.It is a perfect idea for a Saturday night suggested by programingplease.com. We will rock you!

2 hippie chic Look: if you’re that love this Bohemian style, can opt to carry a maxifaldaof flowers and get warm with a brown tone leather jacket, for example. Flat boots and a motif on the head complete the outfit.

3 Look afterwork: changes the American that you’ve taken to the office by a leather jacket to continue the journey by taking something with your classmates. It will bring more youthful flair to your blouse and your pencil skirt .

4 festivalero Look: leather jacket is a must for summer music festivals, and at night it cools and will need to combat the cold in the way more trendy possible. You can opt for a fringed and combine it with shorts worn jeans,crop top and cowboy boots. Ideal!

It Looks The Best Way Your Jacket

Wear a leather jacket can be elegant if you know how. The first fundamental idea is that you opt for the more women to go to work (for example who have Mandarin collar or romantic colors), and you book the more rock to carry them with clothes more daring during the weekend or a casual dinner with friends.

Another basic tip is that you Miss fear to wear them with evening dresses. It is one of the trends that have followed many celebrities. In this case we recommend a model if it is excessive and Black color so combine with all types of ringtones.

A good trick to keep putting it in winter, is bring it under the coat as if it were an American. Copy to the trendsetters and opts for undo wrap to make your beautiful chupa look below. If you also have Sheepskin on the inside, you’ll be doubly protected from the cold!

Although the wrinkle is beautiful, If your leather jacket is a natural skin, you must take care of it to keep it in good condition. Otherwise, they would have an image too careless. Therefore avoid contact with water (if it gets wet by the rain let to dry in the air and never put heat), light dusting once a week with a dry cloth and do not keep them in plastic bags but in a cool place. If they get stained, we recommend that you rely on professionals for cleaning since it can be risky to do it at home.