Leather Jacket Elegant Dress

Wohooo, I have a new favorite dress ūüôā I somewhere very briefly (I just dont more know where magazine, blog, Internet -) got with, it’s trend in 2015 to wear outfits that show fewer snippets. I understand as a girl from the Ruhr area only: buttoned up capacity – wasn going there? Actually, should I wear a collar which makes my throat now completely disappear?


Of course, it is completely √ľbetrieben, because you must run it yes not directly only in turtleneck. I chose this super nice dresses from New Look, which has some small stones on the collar. (Just at this moment, in which I was, out looking for the link to the dress for you I ordered one directly me… If it’s pretty, there’s also a look :))

About the dress I’m wearing a Cardigan by Y√ĖK, which I have received on the CiS in Berlin in the summer as a gift. It’s still pretty cold and quite without doing anything about the dress, it would be just too cold. The Cardigan has beautiful and shiny yarns which give it a great shine to the whole outfit.
In a leather jacket… That was a stark bargain at CyclingEnthusiasm… lecko mio – I am still!


Because I’m so not the greatest, I decided for the suede boots. Chelsea boots did not fit at all because it proportional not a pretty picture for me. I could imagine gross Bikerstiefeletten or DocMartens alternatively one at that.

And my wig was again used. I rum just not drum and I really hope extensions! And against such a Copyshop, I would also not einzuwänden РI think it fits very well with me!

Make up

And on the lips, I again wear a Superstay 24 hour lipcolor pen by Maybelline – I think it was on and on Orchid. A darker pink which I have put some powder, so that it will be brighter.

My opinion is the outfit for an evening in good company. I feel it suercool, ha ha!

I please to excuse the quality of the images – gray clouds and rain make really not easy running a blog. Steffi and I – we be very much trouble, but this time, layer in the shaft was easy! But we have great planned – remains tense.