Learn the Main Differences Between a Tablet and An E-Reader

A tablet or an e-reader? If you are undecided you probably still do not know the difference between them.

Most people might ask: why should I buy an e-reader if I can read my books on the tablet?

They are two very different devices.

In a tablet you can surf the web, play games, videos, music, use social networks, etc …

E-readers are read-only devices.

And in order to make a return on invested money, companies are striving to make the most of anti-reflective screens and battery life, which can last for weeks.

Screen without reflection and system without notifications

The secret is on the e-ink screen with magnetic pigments, used by most manufacturers. Unlike the LCD screens of tablets, these screens do not emit light, which makes the reading closer to the visual experience of the paper.

And since they do not need light, energy is only spent on page exchange.

The software used is also fully targeted to make it easier to read:page exchange, location for annotations, page marking, bookmarks recording, vocabulary builder and many other features.

While e-readers have fewer features than tablets, this can also be a big advantage. Nothing will distract you from your reading, such as social network notifications or new email alerts.

Be smart: check if the e-reader you are looking for has technical assistance in Brazil. And make the choice of e-reader according to the manufacturer’s virtual bookstore, as they often use native files, which can only be opened by their own devices.