Learn About Twin Birth

When the baby’s birth approaches, anxiety increases, especially for mothers who expect more than one baby and know that giving birth to  twins  brings more risks than giving birth to just one baby.

Learn About Twin Birth

There are many doubts of women expecting twins, things like which is the best delivery in multiples pregnancy, what special care, if recovery is more time consuming, among other things of the type, so you need to know to be able to prepare better.

Ask yourself some questions about this type of delivery.

How is the birth of twins made?

Are twin pregnancies forced to undergo cesarean section?

Pregnant women do not necessarily have to undergo cesarean section, but there are many factors that influence whether the pregnant woman can risk normal delivery. These factors are:

The position of the first baby if it is upside down and the placenta is not baring the cervix; If the second twin is in the same position as the first and the twin closest to the cervix is ​​the larger of the two.

When is cesarean birth necessary for twins?

In cases where the cesarean section is indispensable in the birth of multiples are: when the baby closer to the cervix is ​​not with the head down, when it is three babies or more and also when the twins are in the same amniotic sac, in these cases the chances of normal delivery are null and the doctors usually mark the cesarean section in advance.

Special care in the birth of twins

In pregnancy of twins it is essential to have the babies in a hospital that counts on a team trained in premature births and neonatal ICU, the home birth must be completely discarded.

Care needs to be redoubled because the chances of complications are greater.

Some of the most common complications in delivering twins are placental abruption after the first baby is born, increased risk of umbilical cord prolapse, and postpartum haemorrhage.

One of the major differences in delivery of multiples compared to that of a single baby is the fact that the first baby can be born through a normal birth and another by caesarean section.

In addition to the need to perform an ultrasound before delivery to accurately determine the baby’s position and cardiac monitoring during labor.

If the first baby is born in normal birth the doctor waits a few minutes for the contractions to begin for the birth of the second baby.

If there is no complication, the second baby may also come into the world by normal birth, but the doctor first makes an ultrasound evaluation or by touching the belly.

When in the postpartum care of twins, if there is no bleeding, it is the same as delivering a single baby, and it is important that only the mother be helped to care for the baby.