Lavender Wedding Decorations

Ornaments and decorations for a lavender marriage: here are many romantic ideas for your wedding day! Lavender marriage is perfect for brides who want to bet on a romantic style, shabby chic and sophisticated. In fact this kind of nuance lends itself very well to realize specific and evocative atmosphere, perfect for a summer wedding outdoors, both for a reception in the Hall. Let us see together How to arrange a wedding theme Lavender!

The Lavender is the first choice for those who prefer a marriage sought and romantic. This solid of great trend this year, is perfect for the decoration and summer wedding decorations: from invitations to bridesmaids dresses, from flowers to the reception tables, up to curtains and lights. These decorations for the wedding will obviously be made with real Lavender that blooms between June and August. Obviously the fragrant flowers of the lavender, characterized by a color ranging from light lilac to purple darker, more intense until Indigo will also be placed even in cones instead of rice!

However, organizing a lavender marriage is easier than to think. Lavender can be used to compose the bridal bouquet, but it can also be attached to the invitations for guests or used to embellish the jars or placeholders or candle holder shabby chic style centerpiece. In addition you can also fill in some simple glass jars with Lavender scented ornaments for the tables and get so very unique!

However, there are so many decorations and lavender decorations that can be obtained even without the washing itself. The bride can take a romantic bouquet of roses in shades of lavender, but always in this nuance you can recreate floral decorations for the reception or make beautiful decorations for the tables. For example, guest chairs can be made more features with Lavender silk bows, while on the tables of the reception can be arranged tablecloths or matching accessories in different shades of lavender.

Still, the outdoor summer weddings lend themselves very well to be decorated with drapes, bows for altars and halls lined with lavender, lilac flowers and Indigo. Finally, the delicate nuance Lavender may also be requested for the confetti, the wedding cake or sweet tooth and for wedding favors.

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