Lace Dress for The Godmothers: 6 Tips to Shoot the Look

The bride’s dress is the most attention-grabbing item in a wedding, after all, everyone expects to see her in a gorgeous dress. Secondly, it is important to highlight the dresses of the bridesmaids, which are also in evidence, being essential that they are dressed appropriately, according to the level of the occasion.

The choice of the bridesmaid dress can be decided by the bride or be at the discretion of the bridesmaids themselves. In the latter case, it is important to keep in mind that the godmother also has a prominent role and should dress as such, but you can not overshadow the protagonists of the night, the bride and groom.

If you have been chosen to be the maid of a wedding and still do not know what to wear, check out our tips so you do not miss the visual and be up to the event. At first, you need to know some basic rules, such as not wearing excessive necklines and black or white dresses, including champagne and ivory.

Another important point is to talk to the bride about the wedding hours in order to establish a length and the ideal shade of the piece. Knowing these details, you can already start looking for the perfect dress. Our tip is to opt for lace dress models, which never go out of style and are charming, romantic and elegant, ideal for the occasion.

Groom Wear Tips For Bridesmaids

1 – Rendered Mermaid

For lovers of a more sensual and at the same time elegant look, the tip is to opt for the lacy model with mermaid cut. This dress has modeling more just up to the height of the silhouette, opening up gradually to the feet, creating a tail.

2 – Traditional With Income On The Back

A long, loose and behaved model with only lace detail on the back is chic and sophisticated. Perfect for women who opt for elegance first.

3 – Laying On One Shoulder Only

The dress of lace one shoulder is just a classic and a real charm. It offers a glamor to whoever wears it.

4 – Take-It-Down Lacy

The models of fall lace dress are beautiful and value women, but at the altar, it can be a dangerous combination. So you can perfectly wear your fall-down dress with a scarf during the ceremony, so you do not show too much.

5 – Delivered For Daytime Weddings

Choose lacy and discreet lacy colors such as baby blue, antique rose and the like.

6 – Delivered For Evening Weddings

Choose from emerald-green, oil-blue and wine-tones, as they are elegant and sophisticated colors for the occasion.


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