Labels Launch Vevo, the Site with Music and Videos

After pack up a lot of confusion with the web, the major labels seem to be falling in real and launch on Tuesday the Vevo, owned site of Sony labels, Universal, EMI and Abu Dhabi Media (who?) That will allow the surfer to watch the clips and listen to music, as reported by the New York Times.

Ironically hosted by Google using the technology Youtube – which some here for times comes to muting protected soundtracks to avoid legal headaches – to transmit its content the new site will have around 30,000 videos by the end of the year ( what happens in 23 days) and, like Hulu, will initially be available only to users in the US and Canada. The rest of the world, including Brazil, should still get out of this party for a long time.

Between that gibberish involving cliches as “premium content” and “high quality sound and video,” also let slip that the site will collect profits with ads and that there are already at least fifteen companies in line to put their mark on the site.

But also recalls the NYT, for years many record companies have profiles on Google’s video site, but always had the feeling they were not profiting as they could with the thing. Now these questions will be answered and break put an end to talk that claimed that YouTube is a “drain of money” for the web giant, which should not be working for free to their old rivals in the courts.