Krizia Shoes Italy

Krizia brings its colour and its original style on the runways of Milan fashion week with a spring-summer 2013 decidedly non-trivial, full of interesting ideas that will definitely conscious fashionistas to wear in the hot season. Like many other fashion brands involved in fashion week in Milan, even Krizia wanted to tell us its about what we wear for spring/summer 2013 if we want to be glamorous and fashion: trendy clothing and accessories, available according to a particular mood, irreverent and that made him famous and loved the brand Krizia worldwide.

If you loved the Krizia show for this spring-summer 2012 that we have just left behind (and in some sort of amarcord fashion we want to refer you to the image gallery below!), let’s see if you’ll love how loved us the new line for the hot season of the upcoming 2013: a line that is characterized by smooth lines and rich colors.

And the spring-summer 2013 as group? Branded Krizia woman is elegant and hyper wears classic suits with open jacket and without top when wearing the jumpsuit court or minidress that make up the collection. The casual chic consist of blouses with prints reminiscent of Savannah Style and soft shorts that wrap around the legs of the models, while the evening dresses with high slits up the most elegant line designed by Krizia.

The accessories are never random places: the belts, related to life, compose each piece of clothing, not only trench coats but also tailored jackets, while the bags are accompanied with style the look of models who paraded on the catwalk by Krizia. The shoes, as we have seen on ShoeFrantics Homepage this edition of Milan fashion week, offer high heels, with wedges and platforms that will make us good company at every step. Unless you run into the same problems of models of Krizia, who had more than one fix to stand!

The colors are not many in spring-summer 2013 by Krizia: we have the classic black and white, to be worn separately or skilfully mixed together, in glamorous geometries that give movement to clothing. Don’t miss the frosted beige, a revelation of the next warm season, as well as various shades of blue!