Kit 3 Rechargeable T6 Led Headlamp Zoom 3 Functions

With the 3T6 Headlamp, you can venture out with friends by doing a trail, camping, caving, rappelling, cycling or even being used to help at work, for example a mechanic who needs to change a part in a narrower location without much lighting, with the Headlamp it will ensure good lighting regulating the optimum intensity for the service you can perform with both hands free.

To carry out all these activities you will need a comfortable, sturdy and quality equipment. Thinking about it, the Headlamp was produced with durable plastic and aluminum, its headrest made in elastic has adjustable to better adapt to the user, which guarantees greater comfort, its power cable has impermeability and its battery box a fence, which offer you a resistance to water, however it is not recommended to leave it submerged.

Headlamp has 20,000W of power, with 3 lanterns, one main and two auxiliary. The main flashlight has focus adjustment, just rotate your ring near the bulb. With the first click only the main flashlight will light, with the second click only the two auxiliary flashlights will be lit, with the third click the three flashlights will remain on, with the fourth click the three flashlights went into flasher mode and with the fifth click all three lights went out.


Item code: V15

– Contains: 3 Unit;

– Material: Plastic Resistant, Aluminum and Elastic;

– Weight (with batteries): 250g;

– Comes with: 2 Rechargeable Batteries, 1 Charger;

– With focus adjustment, different lighting modes, adjustment in the position of the flashlights and headrest, waterproof power cable, battery box seal, with comfort and lightness in its use this is the ideal Headlamp for you to use both in adventures as in day-to-day work.

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