Kiko Cupcake Nail Lacquer

The cosmetics company Bergamo never ceases to amaze and launches the new glazes Kiko Cupcake nail laquer to three-dimensional sanded effect.

The new glazes Kiko cupcake delicious decorations are inspired by the fact the most renowned pastry, giving the nails a very special effect as sugar fingertip.

The colors offered by Kiko are ten, all in delicate pastel shades that will delight the most romantic girls, those who do not wait to be enveloped by the colors sweeter during the spring.

Kiko describes these new products as having an  immediately full color release, which once dry gives an effect of multi-colored grains perceptible to the touch, creating a delicious and original look nail.

According to the low-cost Italian brand par excellence, the nails will have an intense and irresistible color dress!

Here’s what the bottle of this new series of glazes Kiko nail: the white cap with colorful polka dots is a triumph of sweetness that heralds a Spring 2014 full of color!

About some of the available colors:

– 647 Jasmine;
– 648 Pineapple;
– 649 Apricot;
– 650 Fishing;
– 651 Strawberry;
– 652 Lilla;
– 653 Wisteria;
– 654 Anise;
– 655 Mint;
– 656 Pistachio.

The new glazes Kiko Cupcake nail laquer are already available for purchase in the official online store Kiko and will soon be purchased in all Kiko shops of Italy and of the world at a price of 4.90 euro each.

What do you think of these new and romantic Kiko nail a three-dimensional sanded? And ‘needless to say, we can not wait to try them, really bring joy!