Jewelry Trends: So Delicate, So Special, So Delicate

Delicate, Filigree And Yet An Eye-Catcher: In The Spring, Filigree Jewelry Adorns Our Ears, Hands And Arms. The Motto: The More Unusual The Better.

We keep us loud Statement necklaces for the summer. Now, tender pieces of jewellery are booming. They also make a statement. The special feature of the trend: It gives a new twist classic pieces of jewelry. Rings are now worn over the middle finger bone, earrings not only on the earlobe, but along the entire ear, bracelets use elbows and bracelets as a natural “stopper”.

The Paris fine jewelry designer Lara Melchior has designed way, the beautiful filigree rings on the top image for the Swedish fashion house & other stories (25 Euro). Their belief: “jewelry should steal the show its wearer, but emphasize their beauty”.


This chain is not, admittedly, filigree. But through the beads, she still gets a delicate appearance that is absolutely compliant with the elegant Chanel look. The name sounds way much more ominous than it is this gem: “to choke” means so much as choke – and that of course do not want the good piece. A Choker chain is simply quite closely to the neck, and already in the 15th century, evolved into the fashion phenomenon, which since then is revived in many variations. We attacked in the 1990s unerringly to the velvet or leather strap, it may appear in 2014 like something futuristic. Karl Lagerfeld put oversized beads Choker for Chanel in scene, now more and more high-street labels follow suit.

For example, Zara with this Choker necklace made of zinc and acrylic.


In the field of clothing since some Saisons to beautify a trend issue, cut outs (to: cut-outs, cut-outs) now trinkets. Finely crafted bracelets such as here on the catwalk at Maxime Simoens speak for themselves, the rest of the outfit may hold back so like to discreetly in black -, white – or Cameltönen.

Marios Schwab newly interpreted the classic Bangle at the presentation of his spring collection and had its place above the elbow. Perfect for all the hate disturbing Jewelry wear on the wrist.

Knuckle Ring

If you like it, then you should put a ring on it! And the classic finger ring has got a little brother: the knuckle ring (called also MIDI ring), sits over the knuckles and is now available in a variety of variations.Quite simply, decorated with Rhinestones in heart, star or loop form. A trend that more and more designers followed: Both Versace and Zadig & Voltaire their models on the fashion weeks with knuckle ring equipped. Especially well this copy we like by the way of Sara vine.


Helix piercings (helix is the outline of the auricle) we know from the nineties. And because fashion is experiencing a 90s revival these days, the small hoop earrings of course not long have to wait. Here, too, the focus on filigree jewellery, decorated with Rhinestone or small charms.

Who do not prick themselves want to, attacks a clamp, which is simply stuck on the outer edge of the ear to ear cuff or ear brace-. It is still failed in combination with a studs, who sits down in the ear hole and is connected by a narrow chain with the ear cuff.

Hand Jewelry

Roberto Cavalli is here on the opulent variant, but hand jewelry is also available in more delicate forms. The principle works much like the ear cuff: bracelet and finger rings are connected to each other by means of a chain and stress to the back of the hand. A way to decorate that brings back memories of the traditional Indian henna painting.

Sneaker Jewellery

Scandinavian designers such as Vibe Harsløf, Stine Goya, Bjørg are known for their offbeat Choker, ear clips and MIDI rings. Vibe Harsløf goes a step further and has designed for sneaker gold fine jewelry that is incorporated into the laces. Golden age in which the world at your feet is us.