Jewelry Sets For Christmas

In the meantime, we have opened more than half of the doors on our advent calendar.Are you already in Christmas mood or leave with you still in itself?Well, the latest when you think about the Christmas gifts you might have to worry about, Christmas mood comes up.In recent days, you have already received a few tips from me.But that was not all.Today there are new gift ideas.Because, what is better than a chain, a ring or a pair of ear plugs?Right, all together as a beautiful jewelry set.

1. Gift idea: Jewelry set “Winterblume” of the brand Lesvar

At the beginning I introduce you a jewelry set, which belongs to my personal favorites on This collection is from the Lesvar brand and listens to the sound name “Winterblume”.This jewelery set is not a real jewelery set, you can buy both jewelery individually and of course carry it.If you wear the necklace and the pair of earrings together as a jewelery set, you are guaranteed attention.For the gilded blossoms, each supplemented with a jewel in violet, speak for themselves.Delicate structures and colors harmonize and create an additional sparkle under the Christmas tree.

2. Gift idea: Jewelry set with zirconia

You would like a classic jewelery set for Christmas or would you like to give away a jewelery set, which is characterized by timeless elegance?Then I recommend you this sterling silver jewelry set.The necklace pendant and the ring are each decorated with a shimmering zircon.And it looks almost like a diamond shaped like a snowflake, a delicate ice crystal.Only that both jewels now cost no fortune at all.

3. Gift idea: Jewelry set in rose gold

You can also look at the third gift idea as a classic in jewelery, but with a new, fresh component.Because this set of jewelry in rose gold is a pair of narrow hoops and a beautiful ring.Here, too, you could either wear a jewelery set or shine individually.The Roségold is a trend tune, which is more and more fans lately and is already a classic.The elegant necklaces fit every look, the ring with its zirconium trimmings is still something like the crowning conclusion.