Jewelery and Valuables From Burglars

Man tends to weigh himself in a certain degree of security in many different situations, free according to the motto “This only happens to the others.” These and attitudes are often used, for example, in connection with burglaries and thefts.

Nevertheless, one can never really be sure that a burglary is not made on one’s own home – and the most treacherous prey among robbers is not only cash and electronics but jewelry, which is often associated with a particularly high emotional value is based on Luckily, there are some ways to secure both the home and valuables, such as jewelry, from burglaries. These arrangements can be made, for example.

Simple measures

Most burglaries take place in the dark winter months.One reason for this is that the thieves can then recognize particularly easily and from the outside whether the inhabitants of the house/apartment are present or not.A particularly simple measure for theft protection is therefore to leave the light in at least one room when leaving the house – and in other rooms the roller shutters.If necessary, it is recommended to change the rooms in which the light is switched on.If systematized gangs plan a burglary, it becomes so difficult for them to recognize a scheme.

Mechanical measures

Security experts also advise on mechanical measures for theft prevention.This includes a very simple measure: if you leave the house, you should definitely close the door rather than just pull it into the lock.Also lockable windows and, if necessary, grids in front of cellar windows make burglars more difficult.Furthermore, jewelery and other valuables, such as cash, should be placed in a safe .Various models are available here, which offer different security.Small safes can easily be carried away – this circumstance should be considered when buying.Large, very safe cabinets, on the other hand, are quite expensive.The investment should therefore be balanced with the value, for example, of jewelery, which is to be protected against theft.

Electronic measures

In addition, various electronic measures can be implemented.These include, for example, surveillance cameras and special alarm systems.Modern versions can even be operated via the app and, for example, deliver alarm signals if unauthorized access to the apartment has been carried out.However, such measures are also quite expensive – and are mainly taken into account in new buildings.If you do not want to invest a larger sum, you can also place dummies, eg in camera form or in the form of a red flashing light on the bell, which is associated with an alarm system.Only such a reference to a security system acts on burglar already deterring.

Further tips, information and advice regarding theft and burglar protection are given by the police as well as private security companies.