Jeans Biotype, Your Jeans

The brand of jeans Biotipo is a brand that has been serving the jeans market since 1980 with great quality, simply beautiful models and models that come to value even more the curves of Brazilian women.

Always betting on state-of-the-art technology, the brand is referred to with regard to the finish it offers on all its models of jeans.

And the brand in offers only pants, but also other pieces like jackets, shorts and other pieces.

The options that the brand is offering in its 2015 collection in pants, arrives as follows, those of high waist, medium waist, low waist, super low waist, and also fashion plus size, which is nothing more than modeling proper to more chubby women.

In a proposal that expresses itself through a lot of freedom and attitude, this fashion of the Biotype jeans of the 2015 collection will really be very successful.

Bringing tighter modeling, very varied colors, applications, varied washes and details like worn effects, tacks and spikes, the proposal of Biotipo is really very modern and especially pleases young audiences.

For you to know more about this jeans that is the most famous of the country, check here some photos and go to the site of the brand, you will not regret.